Sunday, May 19, 2013


We got a few days break from the rain so I took advantage of it by going for a ride on the bike on that beautiful route from Mission along BC-7 through Agassiz etc.

My ‘plan’ was to check out another potentially awesome Farm to boondock on for awhile and then maybe swing by MAW’s in Chilliwack for a short visit on the way home.  Didn’t make it to either !  LOL

Didn’t make it very far when the traffic was stopped and very quickly backed up for miles.  This was on Thursday – before the long weekend - so there were TONS of rigs and cars on the road getting a head start on the weekend.  Turns out they had to close a bridge from traffic in order to ‘swing’ it open so a house could be transported through it.

While stopped I got chatting with a few people who were standing outside their rigs.  They suggested this place as a nice stop for lunch.

They also told me about another road I should check out a little farther back from the way I had just come.  Said there was lots of boondocking spots along there.

So after lunch, and chatting with a wonderful couple who were camping there, off we went.

I forgot to mention that when I first started out on the bike I noticed the “Check Engine” and “Check Battery” lights were on.  I had only gone about a mile so quickly turned around and went back home.  Got the Owner’s Manual out which of course told me nothing other than what the lights meant.

I turned off the bike and on several times and it was starting up fine.  So off I went.

I turned up this road to see if I could find a great boondocking spot.  Sure looked like lots of potentials.


There were two Police cars at the intersection stopping traffic checking for alcohol seeing as it was coming on the Long Weekend.  I stopped to chat with them to ask them if they had more information regarding the boondocking spots.  I turned off the bike but forgot to turn the lights off.

When I was ready to leave – ZIP – ZILCH – NADA -  The bike wouldn’t start.  Not a click in ‘er.  I backed in down into the gravel area off the road.  And this is the only picture I have to show for it all.


The Police guy called a local towing company who they knew honoured CAA.  I waited and waited and waited.

Finally I see a fellow biker riding by.  I flagged him down.  We were just getting ready to try and jump start the bike to see if that would work.  “I” cannot jump start the bike – it is simply too heavy.

Just then the CAA HUGE towing truck shows up.  He cannot jump start the battery as it is under the seat and he didn’t have the right tool to get the seat off.  I DO have the right tool – but it was home in the rig.  Fat lotta good that was to me then huh !!  grrrrr

I wasn’t keen on the bike being towed – you would have had to have seen this towing truck.  So Barry (fellow biker) and I decided to try the jump start first.  Off he rolls on the little hill there and it worked !

I got back home right away with no trouble.  But within minutes of turning off the bike I tried it again and it wouldn’t start.  Didn’t even make a click.  Clearly there was a serious problem.

Got it on a trickle charger for the night and the next morning – even though the trickle charger light was still showing red – I tried it.  She fired up right away.

The closest Harley Davidson is in Chilliwack – some 53KM/33Miles away.  Next thing you know I’m loading the bike in the rig and away I went.  At this point, not knowing what the problem was, I couldn’t chance being stranded in Chilliwack without my ‘home’.

Once at HD and the diagnostics were done the news wasn’t good.

The part that's the problem is a burned out stator (??) whatever the hells that is !! LOL It is something to do with the electrical though.

"STATOR: The stationary part of a motor, dynamo, turbine, or other working machine about which a rotor turns."

Worst case scenario is that it will be about $1,000 – there goes next month’s budget !! That is if the battery and regulator are affected. The biggest problem is that they do not have the part NOR does their main warehouse in Ontario. So they have to call around to the local dealerships to try and find it. IF they can find the part locally they will get it until early to mid next week.

If they CANNOT find it locally and have to find it in the States somewhere – well I could be looking at up to TWO WEEKS !!

I have been just hanging around Wally’s – bored out of my mind.  MAW (Marilyn) and hubby George are gone to their place in Birch Bay, WA for the weekend.  They’ll likely be back tomorrow night and then I’ll ask George to come rescue me from my boredom.


  1. Oy!!! Always something, right?

  2. Uffda! Hope you get a best scenario out of this.

  3. Can't fathom that it should take 2 weeks to get a part from the States. Are they planning to WALK it up to Canada? Have they ever heard of overnight service from fedex or UPS?

  4. I agree with Peter - I would be willing to pay the overnight service for the part. So sorry about your baby being in the hospital. That's how Jim felt about his boat. But at least we still had the truck to get us away from the house.

  5. Hi Sass, I feel your pain. I got stuck in Truro for a couple of days last summer with a wonky voltage regulator.

  6. Is your bike at the dealer or do you have it?? HD will rip you a new one where as an independant mechanic will get er done for half the price. I've gone through 2 stators with my old bike and it will be a $1,000 ++ for sure. Get a second opinion, if possible. Where exactly are you now??

    1. Byron, The bike is at the HD in Chilliwack since I brought it there on Friday. Been hanging out at Wally's in Chilliwack until it's done.
      Was going to bring it to a local bike shop in Mission but Joan checked with her Harley guy and he said stay away from them.

  7. I just sent my boys out in BC a short message explaining your situation!!!!


  8. Disconect battery, take pices of sandpaper and clean battery and wire connectors. Put all on place and tide properly, I hope your problem will be gone. Alex
    Let me know

  9. I kind of agree with the Harley words of a burnt stator, as soon as I was reading it I felt the same way!!


    1. Grizz, from CMC BC said the Chilliwack dealer is about your best bet!!


  10. Very sorry to hear of the ailment with the Harley. Hopefully it will be the best case scenario! We wouldn't want our Harley towed either.