Saturday, May 25, 2013


But first a word about my new GPS.  First and foremost and most importantly – even shockingly – it’s still ALIVE !!!

Now granted I haven’t used it much seeing as I’m not on the road, however, I have ‘tested’ it a couple of times going to places I knew how to get to.

I haven’t heard that dreaded RE-CALCULATING …….. yet.  It actually seems to know what it is doing.

I found a dandy spot on the dash for it – although I had to buy a dash mount.  Stupid thing only came with a window mount.  Fat lotta good that is in a Class A Motorhome !

The screen size is great as I can actually see the signs and symbols.

I’ve decided to name it “BRIDIE” – there’s a story behind that name but I’ll save that for a later date.


After I got my girl back I headed straight to my new boondocking location on another Farm.  Turns out this one is only a few KM’s from where I was before.  It felt like coming home once I got on this side of the Fraser River.

Here I am all safely tucked away….


My Hosts (Brian & Janie) are wonderful and Brian is even a fellow rider – a gorgeous 1989 Harley in MINT condition.  Janie rides a 50CC Scooter which I love.  I want one !!

They are also Snowbirds who head to Palm Desert, California every Winter.

The spot is slanted quite a bit so my levellers are getting a work out.  I’m several inches off the ground on the rear tire.


This is a chicken and hay Farm and life around here is very lay back and quiet.  Just the way I like it.

A short little video of my new ‘home’.

I’ve only gotten out for one short little ride as the Weather has been very unpredictable !  Dark clouds mixed with bright clouds so you never knew when it was going to rain.

A walk around the property and Bennie checks out the chickens/hens (?)


And then several more (I don’t know how many there are in all on the Farm) come to check out this strange creature…


Look at this one – isn’t it majestic !!



Yup, This is life on the Farm. Would be boring as all get out for some Folks but suits me perfectly !


  1. Like the looks of that new gadget you've got there. Now you have to learn when to listen to it and when to ignore it. You're just a farm girl at heart.

  2. Another beautiful spot, you lucky girl!

  3. Get some miniature marshmallows for the chickens. They will come running when you come around. My husband has our chickens doing tricks for the marshmallows,ie,eating out of his hand, sitting on his lap-quite a sight.

  4. What a beautiful and peaceful place you found. Re. that wheel off the ground: When we had our 40footer the manual said to NEVER lift the rig so much that the wheels are off the ground. Puts a lot of load on your jacks I assume.

  5. Wow, how do you get all those kewel boondocking spots? Love it! Thanks for the videos, but can you make 'em a bit longer? (I know, I know...I'm whining. LOL) But I just get into watching one and then it's over TOO quickly. Enjoying your blog, you are one brave & inspiring chick to drive a Class A toyhauler around.

    1. I try to keep the videos short due to their file size - but I can make them a wee bit longer.

  6. Um ya, I've read that same thing about not putting the RV completely up on the jacks. Besides, I did it a couple times and there was some freaking out from the peanut gallery. After that I took along some hefty boards to drive up on and THEN hoist the thing.
    It's your RV of course, so it's up to you.

    1. Thanks for that info Bob & Peter. Now that I know that won't happen again. I have lots of pieces of 2 x 6's I could drive the wheel on.

  7. Livin' the dream Sass, yer livin' the dream! I envy u! See u sometime this summer. u owe me lunch :)

  8. As long as no rooster crows at dawn I could be happy there. :)

  9. Linda, It would take more than a rooster crowing to wake ME up at dawn ! LOL

  10. Oh, I remember Bridie!!!

  11. ROTFLMAO !! Deb, I thought you'd be too young to remember BRIDIE !! I must tell the story someday. Particularly the day Frank stopped to pick her up and I near had a heart attack 'cause I thought for sure she'd kill the both of us !! LOL

  12. Nice, new boon-docking location. Nice to see your new GPS all mounted and ready for the next big drive.

  13. Excellent camping spot there on the farm. Our favourite kind of camping.

  14. I love chickens, and used to have egg-laying hens. My dream is to have a place where I can have a few hens again. :)