Friday, April 5, 2013


That’s what the drive from Ontario, Or to Pendleton, OR was PLUS  major climbing and descending.  It was overcast all day but no rain.

I even saw SNOW on the sides of the roads. !


No that’s not dirt on your screen – it’s all the bugs on my windshield.


I saw an elevation sign at one point stating over 4,000’.


When I went into Walmart it was warm and calm.  I wasn’t in there long as I didn’t have much to get.  I heard someone mention, while in the check-out line-up, about a storm.  I really didn’t pay much attention ………. until I got to the door to go outside.

It was POURING and the winds were 60MPH (found that out once I got inside the rig and looked it up on the computer).  Shopping carts were flying everywhere.  WHY DON’T PEOPLE RETURN THE SHOPPING CARTS TO THE CORRALS !!!  GRRRR

I don’t know what I saw first – the THREE shopping carts that had crashed into my rig – or the topper over the slide-out blown up like a balloon and flapping madly.


First thing I did was get inside the rig and put the slide-out back in.  Haven’t checked it since so don’t know if it ripped or not.  Then I checked the damage to the rig.  THREE compartment doors now have dents in them.  This one was the worst.


This is what it said online:

A Severe Thunderstorm Warning remains in effect until 6:45 pm PDT for Central Umatilla County. At 6:25 pm PDT, National Weather Service Doppler radar continued to indicate a severe thunderstorm. This storm was located near Helix. Or 12 miles northeast of Pendleton, moving northeast at 50h mph. Damaging winds in excess of 60 mph are likely with this storm. For Your Protection move to a sturdy shelter until the storm passes.

Today’s drive was (again) WITH some excitement.  I was trying to get over into the passing lane as the 18 wheelies were coming out of the weigh station on the Interstate.  A car was already in that lane pretty much right along side of me.  I had on my indicator but the IDIOT would not speed up – in fact seemed to brake ??  I had to significantly slow down in order to get out of my lane to allow the truckers to merge onto the Highway.  I ‘may’ have given the Driver ‘da finger’ when I finally did get over into the lane.

When we were able to get back into the slow lane the Driver started pointing madly to the right ??  Slowly down and pointing madly to the right ?  Then put on her indicator and pulled over – it was obvious to me that she wanted me to pull over also ?  Did she see me give her ‘da finger”?? Embarrassed smile

Well there are a lot of crazies out there and I wasn’t about to pull over in the middle of an Interstate in the middle of nowhere – so I just kept going.

She gets back on the Highway again – gets in front of me AGAIN – slows down AGAIN – points madly to the right AGAIN.  Obviously there’s something very seriously wrong going on with my rig.  I checked the mirrors and back up camera – was there a water leak ?  or the sewer leaking ?? Surprised smile

So I pulled over.

This time she didn’t pull over – “Screw you”  I betcha she was thinking.  Checked the passenger side = nothing; checked the back = nothing; checked the driver’s side – a compartment door was open !  I had just stopped to get propane and obviously the guy did not close the door when he finished.

I would have liked to have caught up with her to Thank her but when you are driving ‘Da Hulk’ – well you’re not catching up with anything !  LOL

Then the winds started again.  They were strong and coming from the South – ie. pushing hard against the driver’s side making driving very stressful.  Sure did have to have a tight grip on the wheel.  Thankfully there was a Rest Stop about 20 Miles up the road where I was able to get off the Highway. This was the smallest Rest Stop I’ve ever been in – with only about 6 lanes for the truckers and RV’ers.  And EVERYBODY was pulling in.

Checked google again and saw that I was only about 50 Miles from my planned destination.  Decided to brave the elements and get back on the road.  By the time I pulled into Wally’s my arms, neck and hands were sore !  Hate that wind.

I’m now only about 250 Miles from the Canadian Border.  Figure I’ll be able to get that done in two days.  LOL

I am continuing to enjoy this route.  The roads (for the most part) are in excellent condition – with a few areas that are a bit rough but not for any great distance.


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  2. (need to proof read, hence the 'delete')

    Can't believe you now have damage to your freshly painted compartment doors! Geez. I'm upset, and I ain't even there! Gotta take the bad with the good I guess.
    It's 'just doors' I suppose, but still a shame. Sad to see.
    Happy trails.

  3. Oh my! You really had a bummer of a day! Those shopping carts sure can fly when the winds get them. We've been on that route into Pendleton from Ontario. It's really some hill!!

  4. Ah, The infamous Cabbage Hill! So so sorry to see the damage. We have dear friends in that area and knew they were having a pretty good storm. And in the winter, Cabbage Hill and Deadman's Pass can be treacherous. My Joe said between Pendleton and LaGrande it was one of the most slippery stretches of road he ever drove during his years with Greyhound.

  5. So sorry about the shopping cart bangs. It really makes me angry too when people are too lazy to take their cart to a cart corral. Too bad the store doesn't use their security cameras to snap a photo and post it in the front of the store.

  6. This is too bad with that new damage. I'm sure Walmart has parking lot insurance. I would have walked back in and asked.
    Those winds are terrible. Been in a couple of "situations" as well. We try to wait it out.

  7. Hi D....enjoying following along.......where are you spending the summer...back in BC or Home....Sorry to see the damage from the carts.
    Be Safe

  8. Sooo sorry about the damage. And of course, Walmart always posts that they aren't responsible. I can't believe you are driving in that wind. Glad you're okay and hopefully you can give your arms a rest pretty soon.

  9. Bummer about the cart damage. Some people are just lazy and self-centered. Two days ago I saw a shopper leave a cart in a handicapped spot! I stopped her as she was pulling out to leave and let her know. She chose to ignore me. The sad part is that it was a college student (I know, I live in a college town). Just completely self-absorbed.

  10. Hey so sorry about your exciting trip north. So glad ours had none of that drama. So where are you going? To Olson's? I will email you.

  11. Glad you got safely parked. I don't drive if the wind gusts are predicted to be 30 mph! 60 mph? You're are certifiable, lady. Sorry about the carts, though.

  12. Quote: I had just stopped to get propane and obviously the guy did not close the door when he finished.

    You are your own shouldn't blame others.....LOL!! It's easy to miss something when others are helping!!

  13. Boy, Denise, I sure would have stopped and waited out the storm. I'm still having to wrap my right thumb during the day so it won't bend, and wearing a brace at night. That's from driving in those awful winds coming across the mountains from San Diego to Hot Springs. Hazel said it can take three months for the tendon to heal, and that's IF I won't need surgery. A couple of other fingers are also still giving me problems from time to time. I'll never drive in high winds again for more than a very short distance.

    Ouch about the dents. That's a good reminder on where we should park at Walmart if we pull off due to bad weather or high winds. Park up wind, I guess. I've never thought about it before. When I was in the Walmart in Hurricane, UT, I laid in bed picturing things flying into The Palms, and finally got up and drove about a half hour to the next Walmart, where the weather was calm. Then I could sleep.

    I'm glad you got that propane door shut before it flew off or got dented. That was a good outcome. We'll all say a little prayer for the lady, especially after you gave her the finger! LOL :)