Friday, April 19, 2013


It was overcast and rained pretty much the entire day yesterday and today.  And with the battery on my computer on its last legs, I have to have the computer plugged in (inverter on) all the time.

This is what my reading was showing this morning at about 11:30AM.  That’s only 3.7 AMPS coming in – whereas the battery is usually fully charged by that hour – or if not then about 20 AMPS should be coming in.


And the battery was showing only 12.7 – should be showing 14.4.


I’m not worried though because I am not an energy hog at all and all the lights I use are now LED.

Yesterday I moved to my new boondocking spot in Mission, BC – more about that later – that has a 30 AMP that I can plug in to at any time.  I’m not going to though because I really want to ‘test’ the upgrades I did with my solar this past Winter.

Last night, when I turned the Inverter off, I was down to 12.4 – that’s the lowest I’ve ever seen it go to.  Still 12.4 is 80% charged so I’m pleased.

We’ll see how low I go to tonight.  Naturally the batteries didn’t reach anywhere near a full charge today and the computer has been on all day.

There was a short break in the rain so I took the opportunity to take a little walk around.  Here’s my set-up:


Another factor against me, as you will notice in the above pic, is that I am under trees.  It looks a lot ‘brighter’ in these pics than it actually was.


Yes, Bennie is wearing his sweater ‘cause it’s FREEZING out there.  And I was wearing my WINTER COAT !


Bennie was enjoying his freedom and all the smells.  There are a LOT of dogs around here so I do have to keep a close eye on him.  When I called him to come to me he paid NO ATTENTION.


Well that is until the Owner’s dog came out to say “Hi”.  Since Bennie has gotten older he is now afraid of larger dogs so he ran to his Mommy pretty quick.


Once we got back inside Bennie wanted up on the dash to keep a close eye on things outside.


My little boy takes his ‘Guard Dog’ duties as seriously as he takes his ‘Co-Pilot’ and ‘Helper’ duties !!


“WHEW, It all looks safe.  I think I can relax for awhile.  But I’m keeping a very close eye on that black dog over there ‘pretending’ he’s sleeping. If he moves I’m gonna bark him to death !”


I’m starting the evening with the battery at 12.4 – I usually start the evening at 12.9 (fully charged).


  1. We have lots of sun down here - too bad I can't send you some. I love that pic of Bennie with the hair over one eye.

  2. Bennie is one good guard dog! He is like our Muffie was. She said it was her job to warn us and ours to take care of it. LOL

  3. Where are you? Looks like an airport.

    1. An airport ?? That's BIG farm land in Mission.

  4. You're talkng about "freezing temps". What do you think they experience in NFL? You are lucky not being home.

  5. I'm not a solar expert, but I used to fret about my solar read-out numbers, too. Then I was told I was looking at the numbers wrong and expecting them to be too high. As long as my batteries are charged at 50 percent or above, or about 12.1 or 12.2 V on your readout, when I went to bed, I was golden. If it gets that low and I'm not ready to turn things off, I fire up the generator for a half hour or so to top things off. The numbers change from time to time during the day, depending on whether it's taking in Amps, or floating, or doing a bulk charge, I forget all he told me, but I know it doesn't stay at 14.4.

    Double check with someone who really knows this stuff. I think your solar is doing fine from what you wrote. Especially on an overcast day. :)

    1. Barbara, I know what you are saying. Given the awful and very overcast conditions I was very impressed with my solar. Not a concern at all. I actually was glad to have the opportunity to test it.