Wednesday, April 10, 2013


Could have crossed into Canada on Sunday but inside decided to do an O/N at Wally’s in Bellingham.  Woke up the next morning to a FROSTY  43F/6C.

Going through the Border crossing….


And of course it was NOT without incident !!  That just wouldn’t be me !!  Apparently my passport is FLAGGED due to the problems I had two years ago when I first brought this rig back into Canada.  I thought I blogged about that but I can’t find the post so therefore can’t provide you with the link.

I was surprised because I’ve crossed back into Canada since that incident (on the East Coast) without any problems.  I was told to pull over and go into the Office.  You know it’s never good when you have to go into the Office !!

The guy asked me some questions – which I answered completely honestly ‘cause I knew he already knew the answers and then he took a look in the rig.  I asked him about it and he told me the ‘flag’ will be on my passport for several years.  That’s fine as long as I know and therefore won’t be taken by surprise again.

Safely back in Canada, I was headed to Wally’s in Port Coquitlam and although it was only 25Miles/40KMS, there was lots of left and rights, merging on the Freeway and off etc.  I knew my FANCY and HIGHLY TECHNICAL GPS would be required.


Despite that I got horribly LOST and ended up about 20 miles in the opposite direction of where I wanted to be.  I think I crossed this Bridge three times !!  And it’s a TOLL BRIDGE !!  Me Nerves !!





Amazingly I was greeted with beautiful sunshine !  But that was short lived – it’s been raining, foggy, and COLD ever since.  This will surely be a good test of my upgraded solar system and so far (only two days) it is working wonderful.  Bearing in mind though that I am not an energy hog.

Got to see and go to IHOP for breakfast with my EX EXECUTIVE ASSISTANT.  Yup, ‘Da lazy bum up and quit on me !!

Heading to Chilliwack today to spend some time with an another old friend.


  1. Sassy, I wonder why you would not use a GPS to guide you through difficult and complex roadways in major metropolitan areas. I use one and it is truly a gift. Your thought????

    We came through the very same border crossing this past Monday. No delays!

  2. Frustrating that you have been "flagged" but at least now you know about it. Somebody didn't do their looking at directions homework did they? Glad you're okay and well on your way now.

  3. I agree, get a Garmin and you'll never look back!! Welcome back home(in Canada)!!


  4. Denise, Denise, Denise, you drove right passed us. We could have given you great directions. The Port Coquitlam Walmart is over the less expensive toll bridge. Come and see us and we can lend you our GPS as for the next 6 months we know exactly where we are going!

  5. Awe what the heck. A few extra gallons of gas. A few extra tolls. A few extra pics -- at least the pics were pretty!!
    That flagging business has to suck though...

  6. Sounds like you forgot to change the batteries on the old GPS ... you need a real GPS. It'll help with the frustrations of travel. It won't help with being flagged at the border but at least avoiding toll bridges several times.

  7. ha now I can really watch you LOL

  8. Denise, you know I'm not lazy and I do recall you fired me because I was busy helping my elderly parents rather than plot Walmarts and Harley Davidson stores on FANCY MAPS for you. Besides, you were a very good student and have learned how to FANCY MAP for yourself.


    Your FORMER Executive Assistant

  9. there is always extra excitement in your life, LOL, if you do get a gps is the Garmin is not for a rv, get a megellan instead, gives you lots of warnings of turns, we have both and perfer the megellan for the motor home, garmin is okay for the jeep, but there are times we argue with both of them and get lost, life has to have some extra adventures in it

  10. You want adventure come to Texas with a GPS. Texas likes to move their entrance and exit ramps. Garmin keeps saying get on the road when I'm already on it. Or get on here and get off at the next exit but if I do that I will have passed my destination because they moved another ramp! When they work GPS systems are great. When they don't work, you better have a pretty good idea of where you are going. Today was US 290 to TX 105 to US 59. As long as I could remember that I could get there. But stopping at Walmart on the way? Snigglefritz, it's over there! But missing the gas station was a good thing because the easy to get to one I finally stopped at was thirty cents a gallon cheaper!

  11. Well it sure is a pretty bridge.
    I have a tom Tom gps I like having it and it doesn't yell turn around turn around. It also has a mans voice so I can yell and call him names and he can't yell back. LOL