Monday, April 1, 2013


Nope, As much as I hated the thought of it I had to get moving and start my trek North.  YUCK !! I had originally planned on only spending a couple of days in Vegas but ended up spending 12 days there.

It’s not that I mind going North so much – especially when it starts to get in the 80’s and 90’s South, well that’s too hot for me.  But why does Canada have to be SO FAR North !!

Day before I got back on the road the tanks get done.  What a convenience huh having it right in my boondocking spot !!  No line ups here. LOL


One last short video of Toby playing with the water hose.  It absolutely cracks me up.  Dean said he’d be at it all day if they let him.  He shakes the hose and then goes chasing the water drops.  Great exercise !

Gave Bennie and Toby some more play time before I left.  They didn’t do a whole lot of that because Toby was far more interested in the hose.  But I did manage to catch a few moments of them playing.

I was trying to get a pic of Bennie and Toby playing but they had stopped – but how cool is this pic huh.


As soon as I turn the key Bennie goes to his spot.  He’s either in the bed in front of the passenger seat or somewhere around it.


Well that is unless he gets too hot.  Then he goes behind the driver’s seat right up against the slide-out.



I haven’t taken this route North before – have always taken the I-5 up and down.  This is the I-15N.



“You talkin’ to me ?”


I went from an elevation of 2,030’ in Las Vegas to an elevation of in 5,840’ in Cedar City, UT where my first O/N was courtesy of Wally.  So it’s not surprising that I saw the WHITE STUFF.  YUCK !


This picture was taken from the door of my rig.  That snow is pretty close.  173 Miles done – I don’t even want to know how many more I have to drive before I reach B.C.


My plan for Day 2 was to make it to Wally’s in Payson, UT (196 Miles) and I did.


All I’ve done for the last three days is drive UPHILL.  Some parts steeper than others but it always seemed like an incline.  Maybe that’s why they say “Up North” ??  Ya think !!  LOL


This picture was also taken from the door of my rig in Payson.  



The plan for today was to get to Burley, ID – a whopping 243 Miles !!  That’s a LONG driving day for me.  But I did make it.

So far I’ve been cruising along not dealing with any major traffic.  I thought it might get a bit tanglie going through Salt Lake City but it was fine.

But SUDDENLY the traffic came to a screeching HALT.  Figured I got caught in their morning ‘rush hour’.


Turns out there was an accident – and with the ambulance and the stretcher – well it didn’t look good.


After I got through that it was clear sailing again.

Sometimes Bennie likes to come up on my lap.  He did that more often when I had the Class C.  But with this rig I have the steering wheel too low and it’s not comfortable for him so he only stays a minute.


Ran into a bit of rain today.  Never nice driving in those conditions but you just take it slow and easy.


Left Nevada – went through part of Arizona – then through Utah – and now I’m in the State of Idaho.  World traveller that I am.


Wally’s in Burley, ID is home for the night and I’m all settled in.

Going from an elevation of 2,030’ in Las Vegas to an elevation of in 5,840’ in Cedar City, UT to an elevation of 4,921’ in Payson,, UT and now at an elevation of 4,150 here in Burley – well let’s just say it’s not as warm as I’d like it to be.


  1. We came down that route. Won't do it again. Up through Nevada, Idaho, Oregon, Washington. Hurry up the weather up here is amazing but apparently will change on Thursday.

  2. Glad I hung around when I commented the first time about things would get better when you were having all the problems with the door, ladder, generator and just stuff in general. It is good to see that someone else post pictures as they see them and not photo shopped. What you post is the real world not a dream world that is like we would all like for it to be.

    I just got to busy to blog but you may inspire me to take it up again in 2-3 months.

    Rojo Da Gringo

  3. We have never taken that route, somehow Redding Ca draws us this way every hear, have grown to love this city. Mind you part of it is the RV like to break down here, but this year we are having warrenty work done before we head back to B.C

    Safe road

  4. At least the snow is not on the roads. I can't head up to Minnesota yet because there's too much snow at ground level. So I'm doing the east part of my drive now and waiting for the north part. But I don't have a deadline to cross the border into Minnesota so I get to wait.

  5. I always feel a little leery when I see you take photos while driving. Kinda hazardous, eh?
    Well, safe travels anyway.
    BC will be warmer than the East Coast, I guess. Prediction for the whole week here is around 32 F (0 C) and strong west/northerly winds (21 -27 m/h). COLD. No visible sign of spring yet. Not until after the middle of the month! UGH.

  6. Comment from her Hubby as well: Gone that route many times before, so we know about "getting colder every day" and longing back again. Stay save and between the ditches!

  7. Hi!

    Ok.... the picture from this post has got my curiosity up. (please believe I mean no disrespect )

    I wonder why do you drive with a dog sitting on your lap?

    I see so many people do this, or driving with the driver's auto window open and the animal (dog) hanging it's head out the window and I just don't get it.

    I'd love to understand.

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