Thursday, April 18, 2013


One minute it’s fine – the next minute it’s not.

George (MAW’s hubby) and I took the rig over to an Auto Parts place to try and find something to assist me with checking and filling the rear dualies.

I was stopped at an intersection and someone knocks on my window to tell me my step is out.  Odd ?  Even if I forget to turn if off, it automatically retracts as soon as you turn the ignition key.

So here we are, stopped at a busy intersection, with George and I laying on the ground trying to figure out the problem.  The bolt which holds it and is attached to a motor somehow has snapped off like a toothpick !


How do these (supposedly) heavy duty bolts break !!??  Last Summer, while in NL, one of the Sway Bar Links broke.  I thought I had blogged about it but if I did I can’t find it.  Here are the pics….



We had to use bungee cords to secure the step back in place until I could find a place to get this fixed.

I’ve gotten used to MOBILE EVERYTHING while in Arizona.  Yes, For pretty much anything you might want done, there is a mobile service.

I called O’Connor RV (the largest dealership in Chilliwack) and they couldn’t get me in anytime this century !!  But they did refer me to a Mobile Tech guy with a HIGH recommendation.


Nik came by to look at the situation.  A new bolt had to be ordered.


Nik’s Father was an RV Tech his career and Nik has worked for several RV Dealerships. He started out on his own only a year ago so is still building his Business.

Two days later he’s back fixing it.


The entire step had to come out and believe you me that thing is HEAVY !!


But in no time at all the job is done !!


I would highly recommend this guy !  If you are anywhere in the Lower Mainland/Fraser Valley area of British Columbia he’s your guy !

As usual Bennie being the great little helper that he is, was EXHAUSTED after all that hard work.



  1. One thing about these moving homes of ours, there is always something going wrong. Glad you found someone wwho could come to you to fix it. Poor Bennie - working sooo hard.

  2. Glad you got the bolt replaced and all fixed up!! Drive and ride safe.......


  3. I have taken note of the number, thank you.

  4. Yet again I'm amazed how many things are either breaking or falling apart on your rig. I think your rig DOES take the cake. Good thing you found this handy RV-man out there. It's always a concern how to get things fixed.

  5. I hate when sh*t just up and breaks. That bolt shouldn't have gone like that. No freakin way. It almost acted like a shear pin. Hopefully your fix-it guy put in a hardened bolt.
    It's difficult enough finding someone who can reliably fix things when you're in one spot, so finding someone when you're mobile is pretty awesome.
    Maybe you could mention him on "RV service reviews". Couldn't hurt.

    Happy Motorin'.

    1. Excellent point Bob. I usually do that when I get great (or bad) service but for some reason didn't think to this time.

      I will definitely write a review.