Tuesday, April 23, 2013


Well it’s hardly ‘Boondocking’ !  I have access to 15AMP AND 30 AMP electrical; water; a dump station; WiFi etc. etc.  The place even has a swimming pool and hot tub !!

I’m not using any of the facilities though – well ‘cause I don’t need to.  I likely will do the tanks though before I head out.

The Owner has this HUGE farm land and previously RV’d.  And the nicest person you’d ever want to meet.  And NO, I’m not just saying that ‘cause I know she’s reading my Blog now.  LOL

Now that it’s finally stopped raining I can show you a few pics of part of this property.  It’s absolutely beautiful here. These pics were taken from the back of the house.

In that plastic looking thing – that looks like a green house - is where the pool and hot tub are.


Bennie loves it here as he has so much freedom.


As you can see from the following little video, my Bennie has made himself quite at home.

Bennie & Igor have become the best of pals.

That little Igor is sure getting a work out.

The neighbour also has three little Yorkies (plus 5 pups that I haven’t seen yet) and one of them really took a liking to Bennie.

I’m gonna call this place Igor’s RV Park and Spa – the Spa part ‘cause all the dogs here are so spoiled !


This little guy just kept following Bennie around.



Three of the Owner’s dog – three of the neighbour’s dogs – and Bennie.


Finally got the bike out.  Poor thing has been tied up in the garage since I put it in there before leaving Vegas.  That’s almost a month ago now.

I took a ride into ‘Town’ today to get my hair cut.  Joan’s Son had told me about a nice little riding road leading to Cascade Falls Regional Park.


I could actually hear the Falls from the parking lot but didn’t take the trail to it.  That will be for another day.


  1. Wow, what a nice place you're in. I see Benny is having a ball with the other dogs. Lucky fellow. And you are soooo lucky too to avoid this exceptional cold spring in the east. Well, it's not really spring at all - more like winter.

  2. You always seem to come up with the best places to stay. Maybe you ought to write a book and then make a commission off of the referrals!!

  3. Yes, you always do. And you keep them secret too. Although it wouldn't work for us, being that far out, but good for you.

  4. Even if your friend is reading your blog.......I would never leave...LOL!!


  5. Wonderful place! Glad you're in a good spot!

  6. Well we are very happy to have you stay here, you and Benny are such easy going people!! Now if we could just keep this nice sunny weather for the entire stay that would be a bonus.