Wednesday, April 3, 2013


Yup, That’s all I drove today.

I looked at the map last night and developed a Plan A and Plan B.  Plan B being if I didn’t feel like doing too much today.  And Plan B it was.

Not surprising after being 4 straight days driving – I allowed for this day ‘off’.

Besides I had checked a Flying J which was just up the road and it had laundry facilities there – and I did need to deal with that.  I tell ya this AllStays website is wicked !  Tells you everything !!

AND this was Bennie last night.  Yes, the poor little guy was exhausted from all the driving.


I did manage to get out of Idaho though, despite the short distance, and am now in Oregon.


I don’t know how we travelled before the Internet and GPS !!  Google gives me the exact directions on where to go and I even plug in the address and I can physically SEE the location so I can check out the size of the parking lot, other stores around it etc. etc.

Busy spot this Wally’s is here in Ontario, OR.  Lots of rigs here – all with B.C. plates.

Looks like I got a lot of rain ahead of me to drive through !  Oh well, the rig needs a good wash.  LOL




  1. Good for you, you needed a day off! I got a good laugh over the dog in the box! Poor Bennie, you really should have taken the wheel sooner ;-)

  2. Poor little Bennie Boy. I agree that a day off is in order. Wish I could get the All Stays app. but it won't work with my device. What DID we do without all this technology? I remember spending a lot of time trying to re-fold maps.

  3. Is that dog representing how you feel about growing up?

  4. Welcome to my much loved state of Oregon! You are right though,this side of the mountain is in for a good lot of rain until this time next week. But then that is what makes Western Oregon Beautiful.
    ~Betty from Milwaukie, Oregon

  5. Hope that 41 miles just wasn't too tough on you!! Everyone deserves a day off.

  6. Hey Bennie, tell Sassy that Camping World in Burlington has free hook-ups and dump station with propane..I think there is a Harley store just before their exit...Maybe I shouldn't have said anything about the Harley store....It's on the other side of the freeway....

  7. I see some green sprung-out leaves in that last picture. Oh- how we long to see that here. You sure don't strees out with driving. 41.6 miles --geez.

  8. I was born in Oregon, one of my favorite places to visit now. Hope it treats you well!

    Started following your site, hope you follow my Coachella travel blog soon :)

  9. Hope your Flying J didn't have the 24 hr. shower pa announcement.

  10. I may have to get older but I will never grow up LOL

    Feels good to take a day off I hope you will enjoy it a tad and make the most of it.

    Jeanie and I seldom do over 50-75 miles a day. Our all time low was 1.4 and all time high when she got very sick on the road was 830. We hold 300 gallons of fuel so we didn't even have to stop for fuel. 14 hours and we were home.

  11. I LOVE that photo/cartoon about the dog. Don't you feel that way, too? I didn't know Flying J stations had laundries - I'll have to check that out. I wouldn't be half as happy and comfortable without all my electronics. "In the day," I just used to read and play cards and visit. In a tent. This is soooo much nicer!