Saturday, March 30, 2013



For those of you who have already been to Caesars Palace – stop now and go on to the next Blog.

“Caesars Palace” is really synonymous with “Las Vegas” don’t you think.  I didn’t feel any desire to go traipsing around through all the MEGA Hotels and Casinos but felt a stop in Vegas had to include Caesars Palace.  I mean EVERYBODY has heard of Caesars Palace right.

Dean and Deb offered to take me there one evening and I’m sure glad they were with me !!  I definitely would not have seen as much and DEFINITELY would have gotten lost !!  LOL

The ‘name’ is very prominent all over the place.



As soon as you enter you see that CANADA is well represented.  I mean where else but Caesars Palace would you find THREE MAJOR CELEBRITIES --  Shania – Sassy - Celine.  You see when you’re that famous you only need to go by one name.


This is the INSIDE.  Nope, I swear I am NOT outside.


Pretty realistic looking huh.


A couple of short videos to give you a better concept of the ‘ceiling’ and the INSIDE of this place.  The quality of the videos is not great because they were taken with my cheap Walmart camera.

This is a HUGE aquarium within the Hotel.  I took this picture so Jim would know there’s lots of fishing in Vegas !! LOL


More pictures as we walked around.



Dean wanted to take me to see the water show that is held every hour at The Bellagio Hotel.  So that required us going outside on a GORGEOUS night and walking a little.



THIS is why you DON’T drive or ride The Strip !!  This is what the traffic is like all the time.



The following is from the Hotel’s Website:

“A refreshing addition to your entertainment options, the Fountains of Bellagio were destined to romance your senses. Take in a complimentary Las Vegas show of water, music and light thoughtfully interwoven to mesmerize its admirers. All for your amusement, the most ambitious, choreographically complex water feature ever conceived amazes against the beautiful backdrop of Las Vegas' lavender sky. Each dynamic performance from the Fountains collection is unique in its expression and interpretation. Fall in love with the stunning nature of this unprecedented aquatic accomplishment while relishing a clever concert of opera, classical and Broadway tunes.”

I took a few short videos of this ‘performance’.  LOVED IT  !!  I wish I could have taken longer videos but then the file size is just too large to upload and insert into the Blog.  But at least these little videos will give you an idea of what the water show was like.  Apparently there is different music each night.

Now enough with all this silliness of amazing real life like looking ceilings; a beautiful warm WINTER night; fountain shows etc. etc.

I decided I was going GAMBLING !!!  Yup, You heard it right.  I gave much consideration to the amount of money I was going to LOSE !!  FIVE DOLLARS ($5.00) was the enormous amount I had decided on.

This truly was my FIRST time ever in a Casino and I found it quite exciting and amazing.  So here I am about to insert my first bit of money into a machine I had no clue about.  Dean was wonderful though and guided me through it all.


I liked this machine because I got to pull the handle like you see on TV.


But I like this game more – I had played ‘21’ with my Father many, many times.


VERY STRESSFUL !!!  Do I “Hit” or do I “Stay” ??


Check out the bottom right hand corner.  Yes you see it correctly – that’s TEN DOLLARS ($10.00).  I’ve DOUBLED my money.


I ain’t no fool !  I’m cashing out – high roller that I am.


Thanks Dean and Deb !


  1. Congratulations - I always check out when I've doubled my money but that doesn't happen very often in my world. Jim's got his pole ready to go.

  2. Funny, Shania, Sassy and Celine. We are good aren't we.

  3. Sassy you must have picked up that money on the floor because I'm sure its not out of your pocket for the slot machine. lol

  4. WINNER! Smart to quit while you were ahead.

  5. Yup. Time to cash out! Careful they don't catch you taking pics inside the casino, they're not keen on that. If you're discrete I don't think they'd notice.
    Ceasar's is cool and everything, but eventually that tune they have playing outside (over and over and over again) started to get on our nerves. That is of course, if that's what they still do. Haven't been there in a while.