Sunday, March 24, 2013



And I mean as in riding the bike through there at night.  WHAT A MISTAKE !!  Don’t do it.

I don’t ride after dark anymore but it was a beautiful evening (once again) and with all the lights I was ok with riding at night.

It was glorious until I actually reached The Strip but then the traffic was bumper to bumper and the heat built.  Being in such a congested area and of course with all the lights, the temperature rose by 20 degrees at least.

The pipes on the bike got scorching HOT in no time.  Every time I stopped (and that was every minute or so) I shut the bike off so they wouldn’t get any hotter.

And I mean HOT as in burning the thighs of my leg.  Nope, not fun at all.


I did manage to get a few more pics of the motorcycle coming out of the Building.  I thought that was pretty cool.


I found a place to park and checked out the HD Cafe.  Quite disappointing really.  Lots of people there eating and drinking but as I didn’t want to do either I just walked through the restaurant area.  And the ‘retail store’ was teenie – about the size of a large closet !  Just a few T-Shirts.


But now I can say I did ‘walk The Strip’ – if only for a few blocks.

And I got much better picture of the Eiffel Tower.


By the time I got back home I was exhausted and not fit to look at !  LOL  My left shoulder was very sore from all the clutch action necessary while riding through The Strip.  Nope won’t do that again.

Best way to do it is have someone else drive (like when D&D drove me there the first night I arrived) so you can be free to look around.


  1. Yikes, but the pictures are great.

  2. Poor girl! When we were in L.V. we walked almost the entire strip! We were SHOT when getting back "home" aka hotel!

  3. That Eiffel Tower photo is great!

  4. You sure are brave. Its one more experience you have truly LIVED to tell about. We did eat lunch at the HD café. We weren't impressed at all with the food, but we thought the place was great as far as all the Harleys hanging and rotating through the building.

  5. We have been there twice and both time riding the Harley from here in northern NY.
    We got a room both times in behind the strip at the big Super 8 and walked to the strip and ended up walking about 6 hours in 115 degree heat and we loved it.
    We had a great experience both times at the Harley Davidson Cafe. Love their atmosphere and food.
    Great sites there for sure.

  6. You can take the city bus along the strip and get on and off where you want. Those hotels are way further apart than they look.

  7. Oh my dear stop yer whinin' and show us the pictures....LOL!! Everyone says the same thing.....maybe I should have warned ya about the hot weather and pipes!! Nice pictures as usual......


  8. We drove the strip once. I can't imagine why anyone would do it a second time. :)

  9. We have a car (or truck) which makes it easier because you can do valet parking and then walk. Valet parking is really cheap in Vegas. But you got some great pictures.

  10. Yikes..I can only imagine how hot the bike must have gotten in that scene. Holy smokes it's pretty scorchin' up here in coll 'OL NL, if I remember correclty.