Thursday, March 21, 2013



One of the things Dean (my Host) suggested I do was ride the Red Rock Canyon Loop.  So Bennie and I packed our lunch and off we went.

This is a one way 12 miles/20 km Loop and was really nice to ride – albeit I would have preferred to put a bit more speed into it.  Posted speed limit (at it’s maximum point) was 35MPH and less in many places along the route.

Here’s a bit of info on it from Google:

“Less than 20 minutes from Las Vegas, canyons made of sandstone cliffs dominate the vista. Created by millions of years of geological forces, fractured faults where the earth’s crust collided and fossilized sand dunes, this area is a large contrast to the city.

This scenic route travels through the Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area.

Take advantage of the various pullouts, especially High Point Overlook which is just above 4,000 feet of elevation and provides a spectacular panoramic view of the canyon and surrounding beauty.”

It reminded me of riding The Dragon – the big difference of course is that SPEED is not what this ride was all about.

But it sure had the same numerous curves and switchbacks.

There were lots of places to pull over at lookouts but it was very sunny and very hot.

I pulled over and stopped the bike to take this Video:

But I did eventually find the perfect one, complete with picnic tables – even one in the shade – where Bennie and I stopped to have our lunch.

This is the kinda place where you could spend a very relaxing day.  Lots of hiking if that’s what you like or simply bring a lunch and a good book and you are set.

Yes, Another place I would definitely come back to.  There is a small fee to enter – $3.00 for a motorcycle.  If you are in the Vegas area this is a must-do in my opinion.

Next up “Riding” The Strip….


  1. Pretty cool recording from the bike. Nice goin'.

  2. We were in the area of couple years ago. There sure is a lot to see around that area. I hope you get to check the inside of a couple of those casinos out. They are really amazing too.

  3. Awesome Sass! Thanks for the virtual tour.