Wednesday, March 20, 2013


I neglected to mention that my new ‘home’ has FULL-HOOK-UPS !  Water; 30 AMP Electric; Wi-Fi; Laundry;  Cable; and yes even a dump station !!!

All for the OUTRAGEOUSLY HIGH price of FREE – ZERO – ZILCH – ZIPPO !  Yup, That fits into my budget for sure.

Yet, I am not using any of it .  Why ?  ‘Cause I don’t need to.  My solar gives me all the electricity I need and I have my own Wi-Fi etc. etc.  I will definitely take advantage of the water/dump before I get back on the road though. 



“The Strip” is 6.8KMS/4.2Miles long – at least that’s what Google says and we all know Google is NEVER wrong.  Regardless it’s l-o-n-g.  And here I thought I was going to ‘walk The Strip’ --  NOT. AND it is NOT even located within the actual City of Las Vegas.  Now how many of you knew that !!

I’m a pretty ‘safe’ person to be in Vegas.  I don’t drink; I don’t gamble; I only shop when I absolutely have to; and I can’t afford (nor do I want to) to go to see the big name shows.  There are some rare exception to that.

The first night of my arrival my hosts (Dean and Deb) offered to drive me down to The Strip – gotta experience that at night.  So we drove the length of it.


I’ve never been to Vegas before – have never wanted to.


I’ve had several opportunities as I’ve travelled British Columbia to Arizona and back several times now in the past few years and had never bothered to take the route through Vegas.


Yet for some unknown reason I wanted to stop here (taking a completely different route than I’m used to) on my way North this year.


Dean was a great tour guide as he pointed out so many things as we were driving.


To say The Strip was busy would be an understatement !  Bumper to bumper cars and wall to wall people.


The infamous (at least to Harley Davidson’s riders anyway) Harley Davidson Cafe.





The ‘honourable’ MR. TRUMP’S Building – EGO as it’s greatest huh.



Vegas is all about LIGHTS, LIGHTS AND MORE LIGHTS.  Sure wouldn’t want to have to pay their electricity bill !!


I’m more of a small town kinda person – big cities don’t hold any appeal to me.


But Vegas is a place you gotta experience just once even.


Next up – The Freemont Street Experience.


  1. Fun! I agree - ya gotta do it once.

  2. Definitely need to see it at least once. Since we have good friends who live there we visit more often but most times don't ever get near the strip.

  3. A free place to stay and having tour guides also is a pretty nice treat. Don't forget to check out the insides of some of those casinos. They are more amazing than the outside.

  4. We DID walk a stretch of it with our Norwegian friend 3 years ago and we were DEAD afterwards. But it was worth it. Seeing all the lights and taking in the atmosphere. Amazing. We stopped to see the water organ and the volcano. Our friend was totally mesmerized. It was a once in a life time experience for us. Passing Las Vegas during daytime (done that several times) is nothing compared to The Strip at night. Good for you that you got to see it!

  5. Vegas has to be experienced at least once in a life time, love walking down the strip at night, and the hotel insides are also something to behold. Lots of entertainment for free just looking around, we love to visit it at least every 4 or 5 years LOL