Friday, March 8, 2013



One day Bennie just wasn’t himself.  He had thrown up and I was keeping a very close eye on him.  I was sitting outside (on yet another gorgeous day) reading.  He wanted up on my lap – which is very unusual for him.  When we are outside he generally like to lay under the rig out of the heat.  He was very needy.

So if he was going to be on my lap then I wanted him as comfortable as possible – like any good Mom….


Hmmm, This isn’t so bad he figures so settles right in…..


And “I” am trying to read my book, drink my tea and most importantly NOT disturb my boy…..


This wasn’t working out so well so I had to come up with another solution that would be satisfactory to HIMSELF.  I tried this….


He was a little apprehensive at first but quickly settled in….


REALLY settled in – yes he’s in there somewhere…




Yuma is by no means a small City.  And this time of year the population increases by hundreds of thousands with all the Snowbirds flocking here for the Winter.  YET I continue to ‘run into people’ I know – or don’t know.

I was at the Flea Market last weekend – I swear I wasn’t there for more than 1/2 hour.  I knew exactly what I wanted and where it was.  In and out.  I come back to the bike and there’s a note on the windshield.  It was from Jamie and Mudder !  They saw my bike and left a note to say to drop by before I headed back to my ‘home’.  Now you have to realize the Flea Market parking lot was FULL.

Then the other day I was at Walmart.  The man behind me said “Are you from Newfoundland?”  I said “Yes”.  I didn’t have a clue who he was.  He had met me the last time I was at the VFW.  As we got talking I finally remembered him. I had met him ONCE.

Then there was the day I was at the Yuma Library.  I see Trent and Teresa.  No, I have never met them “in person” before but I follow their Blog so I easily recognized them.

There are several other occasions that I can’t remember right now. 

I did drop by to see Jamie and Mudder at their FANCY SMANCHY RV Park.  Here is their set-up.



It really is a gorgeous RV Park and has every amenity you could possibly want.  Jeeze, I might even stay there if I could afford it !!

Still trying for a decent sunset shot…




Bennie loves exploring our new HUGE front yard.



  1. I love the relationship between you and Bennie. How you take care of each other. I hope you have many more happy years together.

  2. You definitely have a decent sunset shot there!

  3. Poor Bennie-Boy. Hope he slept it off, whatever it was.

  4. Love this post Denise. It's amazing how you run into people that you know. Us, we have stalkers (haha). See my blog. They have been in New Zealand for a month so we were safe. They are baaaaaack!

    Hope Bennie is feeling better.

  5. It's so unsettling when our pups aren't feeling up to snuff. I can usually tell, with subtle signs, when Jack isn't himself. I had a terrible bout with altitude sickness while in New Mexico, and I had heard that hydrating was very important. Jack seemed fine, but I wondered if he, too, might be feeling the effects since we both came from the same altitude to the new altitude. I found a vet and had her drip subcutaneous fluide into him. The vet smiled (she was amused) and said it was a first for her, but she acknowledged that she knew very little about how altitude affects dogs. I don't know if Jack felt better after the infusion, but I did. I hope Bennie is feeling better, now. I mention altitude only because I know you travel with him and I think dogs would probably show subtle signs like Bennie was showing.

    Just a side note. I asked an Indian lady at a welcome center if she knew of anything that could help altitude sickness. She thought for a moment and said, "Lifesavers." I hit the first Walmart and went in to get some. They didn't help. Not until I was able to look it up and had returned to lower altitude did I find out that Rolaids would help so she was close. I have no idea if they do, but if I ever get to travel west, again, I'll have some Rolaids in my pocket.

  6. Oh poor little Bennie. I hate it when they have days like that. I have one right now that's not quite feeling right too. It breaks our hearts & well, always scares us a little too. But you sure made a nice castle for him! or throne?
    Nice sunset shot.

    Oh & I like that screened gazebo type of thing. But I probably would not want to set it up...

  7. Bennie knows who to go to when he needs some loving. You sure fixed him up. You're sunset shots came out pretty good too. It looks like you're on a roll.

    Sometimes it seems we run into everyone we know and other times no one. I guess it's just planning. Hope to run into you as you whiz through Parker.

  8. Bennie sure knows how to wrap his mom around his little toe! Not that you are a softie or anything.

  9. Hope Bennie is feeling himself by now. He probably just needed alittle extra loving.

  10. Our poor little boy. Sure hope he's feeling 100% better now. Scooter is really having a rough day with all the thunderstorms rolling through. She gets so wild I'm always afraid she's going to hurt her back. And I like your sunset pictures.

  11. Bennie is soooo funny! I love the way he snuggles down into his covers. I hope he's okay. I know what you mean though, I sit at the dinette with Katie next to me. I have to disturb her to get up, and so I wait and wait, and finally move her over so I can get off the seat.

    That last sunset photo is a winner! :)

  12. Hey Sass...keep om keepin' on!

  13. I'd take your front yard over the fancy RV park any time!

  14. gorgeous your lot...poor bennie hope he feels better..we had tucker off key the last it was onto rice and chicken for him..seems to be much better today..and back on kibble