Friday, March 1, 2013


After the over-nights at various places I finally settled in at a great boondocking spot behind Pilot Knob.  I’ve been here since February 19th (13 days) and I do believe it is one of my favourite spots – second only to the Pond of course.

I chose a BIG front yard as my new piece of real estate…..


There are other RV’ers here – not so many that it feels crowded – but enough so I feel comfortable (safe).


It far enough in from the I-8 that you can barely even hear any traffic noise – certainly not bothersome at all.  And if it doesn’t bother me then it has to be quiet !  LOL


There are actually several different boondocking places in this area.  About 2 or 3 miles down the road (a really bad bumpy road) right in front of Pilot Knob RV Park there’s one place that I stayed at before.  Didn’t really like it there that much because it is close to the Interstate and therefore lots of traffic noise.

Another area is behind Pilot Knob but it’s a LTVA (Long Term Visitors Area) so you have to pay for that – and I don’t like paying !!

And then there’s this one that I’m at.



I didn’t know about this one before but sure am glad I found it ‘cause I know I’ll be back here.  ‘Supposedly’ there’s a 14 day limit but there is no Camp Host and I’ve yet to see a Ranger.  People I’ve talked to who have been here longer than I have also have not seen a Ranger.  Works for me !

Bennie loves it here ‘cause he doesn’t need to be on a leash.

And he’s made lots of friends.  Meet Sassy…….(yes, that is her name).  I told the Owners the story behind how I got my nickname.


And Bandit…..I was on the roof when I took that pic.



Yes, I’m constantly walking now – to keep the stress down of that subject we’re not talking about.  I walk down the road and count the poles – I decided 4 poles was plenty of distance to walk – it’s a HUGE distance in between those poles ya know !!  LOL


Bennie runs ahead and then stops to wait for me…..


I’m sure there’s a least A MILE in between those poles !!  But I try and do it twice a day and I’m up to five poles now.



‘Cause I’m fit to be laughed at for sure.  I had bought these baby back ribs on my last shopping spree and decided one day to finally have them for dinner.  Out comes my Cobb Grill, in goes about 10 briquettes and I fire it up.  You gotta wait until the briquettes are nice and hot before you put the meat on.


I had already cut the package in 1/2 ‘cause I knew the amount would do me for two meals and I decided to cook both now – dinner ready for the next day as well !!

Don’t they look delicious….


As I was getting them ready to bring outside I noticed the inside of the ribs.  Hmmmm, They look already cooked ??  Sure enough once I read the packaging it clearly said “Fully Cooked”.  All I had to do was heat them up.  Regardless they sure were tasty.

I have not been able to get a decent sunset picture this year !



Yes, That is what my day consists of now !!  LOL  One trip to Wally’s I came back with these desserts. 


Normally I wouldn’t want that much sweet stuff in a year !!  Oh Dear !!


  1. You forget! We told you all about this spot. It's one of our favourites too. The highway can actually be entertaining, not close enough to hear but you can watch the world going by. Bustling along.

    Hey Skinny, you eat all the sweet desserts you want. We are proud of you.

  2. Love your front yard. You have quite an estate there. Oliver and Olivia want you to tell Bennie "Howdy" for them.

  3. Congratulations! You've really done fantastic with that thing we're not talking about!!

    I agree with Toni. That's the spot we've usually stayed at each year .. except this year. We like it there too.

  4. Indulge thyself! Sassy looks like she's saying "Can Bennie come out to play?".

  5. I agree - those poles are each about a mile apart so you're up to five miles now. And with all the walking you're doing that means you can eat those sweets and all those ribs with no problems.

  6. You're livin' the life Sass...way to go. I'm already checkin' out RV's on the net, although I still have four years to retire. Got my duel headlights for the bike earlier this week, so into Keith's now to get them installed and ready for the new season. It's been raining here most of the week, unusual for February the past few years, but maybe a sign of an early spring, and hopefully an early and extended riding season. Take Care! TR

    1. Terry, So glad that you are FINALLY following along. It was about 86F here today. Just took a short scoot into Town to do some errands.

  7. I ate a lot of sweet pastries while I was dealing with my electrical challenge. But, I'm done now. Went to the store yesterday but they did not appeal to me anymore. Just wanted you to know that it is possible to stop eating them again once the stress levels drop.

  8. Now you're going to have to walk further to another pole with all those sweets! Lots of real estate there, I'd not want to be near any highway. I don't like highway noise. Love the loop video!

  9. Here I was wondering about what people eat when they're full I know! LOL

  10. WOW 5 miles? Well we can dream but I bet it feels like it. But once your lungs are functioning better it will be a breeze.

  11. You are doing SO great! The walking will get you in really good shape - I know you're already thin, but you'll be healthier for sure. And it's not your fault you're buying so many deserts - WalMart has the best deserts, I do the same thing!

    Glad you found a place you really like. :)

  12. Hey Chica,

    Are you still out in Yuma? Lori and I are at the RV Park where we first met you in Mesa AZ. We drove by your spot and I said "That's where we met Denise." I hope you are feeling better and enjoying this weather.
    Lisa and Lori
    L&L RV Ranch and Spa