Wednesday, March 27, 2013


Installing one of those Cyclone RV Holding Tank Vents is very easy.  Lots of step by step videos on YouTube.  I watched them and decided to tackle the job.

I have two vents and my Brother installed the first one on our trip across the Country in October – incorrectly I might add !!  So now that I know how to do it CORRECTLY I will have to fix that one.

Yup, An easy peasy job – unless you are ME !!  NOTHING is easy peasy when it comes to ME !!  Just look at how they put the wiring for my Solar !!  Wrapped all around the skylight – the holding tank vent AND the fan vent cover !!


And even one wire was inserted behind the bolts that holds the fan vent cover !!


So I had to get all the caulking or putty (whatever it is that they use) off in order to give me enough slack to get the holding tank cap off. I know this wiring is very expensive but I would have gladly paid the money for an extra few feet to give some slack !!


And yes, you guessed it – I also had to remove the fan vent cover !!


Look how close the holding tank vent is to the skylight !  Now I had to remove all the goop to get to the screws to get this thing off.


Hours later – and countless trips up and down the ladder I’m almost done.  One of the more difficult parts was getting those three little screws in.  You have to put them as low as possible and under that round ‘collar’ part.  With so much in the way it was almost impossible to get a grip on the screws to tighten them.  But I persevered !!


Hours and hours and hours – up and down the ladder a gazillion times – and finally the job is DONE !!  Yes, I know, the caulking job is very messy but I didn’t care at that point.


I then had to re-secure the solar wiring.


And NOW I have to do this one PROPERLY !  But trust me, it will not be in the near future !!


And let me tell you I paid dearly for completing this little task.  This old body is NOT meant to be climbing up and down that ladder as many times as I did !!  I was in agony that night and for the next two days and even today my left hip is very, very sore.  Walking is painful and I’m still limping some.


  1. Isn't getting old just a terrible thing. It's amazing how much our bodies can hurt when we do something that even ten years ago wouldn't have bothered us. Hate it. But I'm really impressed at what a great job you did. I would probably never have gotten on the roof in the first place.

  2. I see a trike in the near future!!!

    1. Sure you'll pipe in here when poor ol' Sassy is hurtin' !! BRAT.

  3. D.....looks like a good job...but you should put at least an inch of trailer roof caulking around that cover as it is on the vents....the roof flexes and latex caulking will crack....rain can cause thousands $ in damage.....but wait until you have recovered

    1. What ? More caulking ? Bob, Do I just go to a local Home Depot and ask for 'trailer roof caulking' ? Ya gotta spell it out with name brand etc. for this poor old girl.

  4. Man, that whole area is a 'dog's breakfast'. A term by the way, that many Yanks don't understand but we seem to use in Canada?
    You persevered. That's the main thing. I think I know that 'runnin' on adrenaline' state of mind that tells you that you simply HAVE to get it done, even if you're tired and hurting.
    Good on ya.
    So the big question is, how effective are the little wind wane tank vent thingies? I'm thinking pretty darned effective, but enquiring minds want to know. Or something.
    Happy Trails.

    1. Bob, When I first got my solar installed the guy said "It sure is busy up here." Yup a dog's breakfast for sure !!

      No idea about the effectiveness as I'm always up front in the driver's seat usually with a window open. But EVERYBODY says you MUST have them so they must be effective. LOL

  5. Hmmmm, that new tank vent casts a shadow on the solar panel. You are definitely persistent. Roof work is not in my portfolio. Hope you are feeling better today.

  6. Is this gizmo doing terrible sound during the ride?

  7. Yes, sore. But breathing, right?

  8. Good job! Peter tried to do that last year on our motor home and couldn't.
    He told me: "On the package it says "fits all vents." But it doesn't."
    He returned it to the store.
    My guess: he wasn't patient enough.
    Well, problem solved - the motorhome is sold. LOL