Sunday, March 17, 2013


I spent about a week at the VFW, once again for the convenience of getting things done.

The bike needed some repairs – something about a gasket ? or rocker housing ? So I got that got dealt with.

I even fixed that broken screen in the hauler.  That was a BITCH to get back in the track.

And I FINALLY got the bike washed.  Yes there is even a mobile motorcycle wash in Yuma.  My poor girl was so full of desert dust in all it’s little parts.  It really needed a good power hose on it.  They did a great job.  I took the windshield and saddle bags off and spent several hours cleaning those myself giving the bags a good leather cleaner.

But when the temps reach the HIGH 90’S well then it’s no fun for this Northern gal.  I finally had to resort to turning on the generator in order to run the A/C, close all the windows and stay inside.  Pffft might as well be Winter !!  LOL

The problem was that I pulled into the VFW being low on gas.  It was very slightly above 1/4 so I figured I didn’t need to gas up until I got back on the road.  For those of you that don’t know, there must be a minimum of 1/4 gas in the tank in order for the gennie to run.

So I knew I would have to de-camp and go get gas.  Well if I had to do that, and given the extreme heat, I figured I’d just head North a ways.  Not that it was any cooler even within a few hours North.

On Friday I had an appointment to get the oil changed in the generator – yes mobile once again.  Gotta love that.  That’s now good for another year.

One thing Lake Havasu City is NOT – and that is Verizon friendly.  Internet connection was mostly non – existent, for some odd reason particularly during the day ??  At night when I eventually got it it was ok.

This morning I managed to capture a rare (rare ?  who am I kidding ? the FIRST LOL) sun RISE picture.



See my little boy ?  At 7:00AM I was sitting outside having my cuppa.  Now you know if you can sit OUTSIDE that early, wearing only a t-shirt, it’s gonna be another HOT day.

Next stop VEGAS BABY !


  1. Your sunrise picture is pretty. I am afraid that pictures of beautiful sunrises are all I will ever see. This body was never meant to get up that early. LOL

  2. I hate those hot temperatures too. For folks that sit inside all the time, it doesn't matter because AC keeps it cool ... kinda. Love the California coastal temperatures this time of year. It's sure a relief. Travel safe!!

  3. Love the pictures of Bennie in the sunrise. Safe travels my friend.
    Be careful in Vegas, booze + you know what is NOT in your picture!

  4. Me too - can't take the heat. Vegas? FUN!

  5. It's cooled down nicely now - only in the 80's and low 80's at that so I am definitely a happy camper. Hopefully it sticks around for another month or so at least. I'm with you - sunrise pictures just don't happen around here. Have fun in Vegas.

  6. Lake Havasu is a hot place most of the time. But fun when not.
    Safe travels

  7. I don't know if your phone is an iPhone but if it is I highly recommend the app "Coverage?" It shows you what providers cover what parts of the US. I did get Verizon coverage at Craggy Wash north of Lake Havasu City but the City itself has nothing.

  8. At least our fur kids know when it is a good time to be outside. We may not be ready to be out of bed, but if we listen, we do experience a bit of cooler temps! Good to know about Havasu did look to be a good possibility, but not so much now. Be safe out there our friend.

  9. Hey Sass, a big hiccup in our road to spring & riding season is on the horizon..sNOOOOw! Even if we have a last storm, Sheila's brush, the sun is pretty powerful these days, so it won't last. I'm still hoping to get a ride in by mid April.

    Hope all is well.