Tuesday, February 12, 2013


Everything is so different – and I can’t even say different ‘good’ or different ‘bad’ ‘cause I don’t know.  So many ‘triggers’ to overcome, so many changes.  I don’t know what to be doing with myself most of the time.  A part of me is missing – GONE (forever I hope) – and I suppose part of the process is ‘mourning’ the loss.  Hell I dunno !!

My progress after being sick was slow and steady and that was great.  But then it just stopped and maybe this is going to be as good as it gets.  My energy level is still extremely low and I tire quite easily.  This might be something I have to live with and accept and if that’s the case I will do exactly that.  Or maybe it’s just the weather.  We always blame things on the weather don’t we.  LOL  It hasn’t been overly warm so maybe that’s it.  This has been a very different Winter in Arizona weather wise for sure.

Haven’t seen much of Jamie and Mudder ‘cause they are staying in the FANCY SMANCHY RV Park this year.  But they did drop by for a visit the other day so that was really nice.


Bennie got to the Groomers so he’s back to his clean, handsome self – that won’t last long – the clean part I mean.


Friends that are here at the VFW had called a mobile service to get their rig washed and waxed.  So I decided to get my rig washed also.  It did mean having to pull the rig out into the VFW parking lot but that wasn’t a big deal.   They charge a $1.00 a foot so for $40.00 I thought it was an excellent deal – especially since they come to you. Wouldn’t you know it, the next day we had high winds and there was dust and sand blowing everywhere !  Oh well, it looked clean for awhile.

I installed the last LED light.  I’m done now with LED.  Oh yes there’s a gazillion more lights I could switch over to LED but I don’t use them so why would I spend the money.


I’ve gotten now so that I can do it in about 5 minutes.  You have to CUT one white wire from the existing fixture so that’s always a little frightening.  But I check and double check and then triple check one of the other ones I’ve done before I SNIP !


My morning routine is to lay out my ‘cigarettes’.  I like these things at room temperature.


If apples or oranges are in the refrigerator I don’t eat them.  So now I cut them up and put them in a container for my night-time ‘cigarettes’.


Oh don’t be fooled by all the fruit stuff !!  I bought a HUGE bag of candies at Walmart so these also get snacked on on a regular basis.


And I got these small cherry pies at Walmart.


Add a ‘little’ ice cream…….


I don’t know when I’m supposed to have lunch or dinner anymore !!  LOL  ‘Cause I’m always eating or drinking something.  My belly (which is growing btw LOL) seems full but my mouth wants more more more.

And poor Bennie – well his little legs are sure getting a work out.  We go for walks numerous times throughout the day.  Of course after each walk that means a ‘treat’ for him and he lets me know that in no uncertain terms.

I’ve been doing a lot of reading.  I found a new Author I like (Harlan Coben) thanks to Toni.  She gave me two of his books and I’m hooked.  So I’ll be going to the Library today to get more by this guy.  I know people find ‘free’ ways to download books to their KOBO/Kindle but I don’t know how to do that.  My Kindle sits unused.

And that’s it Folks.  Nothing exciting – just getting through the days.


  1. It's tough to stay away from the treats. Just this morning I gave in to a half dozen of those glazed doughnuts. Actually, they were kind of drippy/slimy, but still good. *drool*
    I like your choice of 'cigarettes'. Keep at it, your energy will come back. You were a pretty sick girl, so don't set the bar so high.

  2. Takes a little time to gain your strength back but you'll be bouncing off the walls in no time. Look for cinnamon toothpicks...you'll chew the heck out of them :O) What a sense of freedom you will have...oh, rubber band on your wrist...just don't snap yourself too bad!

  3. Each time I have had pneumonia I have found the same thing to be true. It takes a long time to regain my strength. (that was even true when I was a young thing) My strength did return. This year I took the bull by the horns and got a pneumonia shot along with my flu shot. well worth it if it helps me avoid the whole sick stuff!! You will get better!!

  4. Same advice here. Be patient. Your body works on its own pace and we cannot hurry it.
    By the way - it is working on TWO things:
    Getting you back on track after a bad bout of the flu AND, battling withdrawal.
    So, don't be too hard on yourself.

  5. SO SO PROUD of you. You will lick it.
    So glad you like Harlen Coben. I am going to email you.

  6. You're doing good, kid, hang in there. I suspect you were sicker than you have been in the past so, of course, recovery will take longer. And giving up the cigs at the same time is a double whammy.

    When my mouth wants something but my stomach doesn't, I chew gum. I don't do that often but it helps. Flossing my teeth also helps because it keeps my mouth busy for awhile. I also buy Hershey's dark chocolate Kisses and let them melt in my mouth. My tongue gets to play with them but my teeth are supposed to leave them alone. :)

    Whatever it takes for you please know we are all rooting for you.

  7. Been reading your blog for some time now...first comment tho.
    You were very sick...dont worry you will get better...been there done it...one day you will say "I'm Better" ...dont worry you will know :)

  8. I agree with everyone else. Give yourself more time. You were one sick puppy and since we are a little older we take longer to "bounce" back. Even a cold seems to set us back longer. And I do agree - warm weather would definitely make all of us feel better. We are really pulling for you. I now if Jim could do it after 55 years of smoking, you can make it. It wasn't easy but so worth it. I love Harlan Coben.

  9. I wanna give you a hug and a fist bump! You're treating yourself like the valuable person you are.

  10. With all the walking you're doing, don't worry about the sweets! But if you're looking for something different to munch on, try popcorn. The buttery kind is not as healthy, but sure is tastier. I practically lived on it when I stopped smoking.

    1. First person I thought of was you when I read about the popcorn. I remember it well. Glad you remembered to sign your name 'cause I would have been wondering who it was.

  11. Sorry, forgot to sign my name ... Deb

  12. You're almost there and you're doing awesome. Congrats as smooth sailing is just ahead. I'm glad you're doing better and getting stronger. That vile little virus or whatever you had sure knocked it out of you.

  13. HA! someone I recognize! I won't eat fruit if it is cold either!! Bennie is beautiful, grooming is good. Sometimes it takes longer to 'bounce' back :) Take Care and get better, fast....

  14. We love Harlen Coben too. I've read one and have a stack more to go thanks to my brother and sis-in-law.

    I'm with Linda on melting Hershey's Kisses in your mouth--no chewing allowed. Mmmmm.

  15. You were really very sick and that takes time to recover. Not smoking is the best thing for you. Eating good things like chocolate is good medicine for that kicking the habit thing. hhah OH and of course the fruit is very good for you too. Give it time your will come back.

  16. When my friend stopped smoking she said lollipops helped because it kept her hands busy. I hope you feel better and can get out and ride when the weather warms up.

    I enjoy reading your blog, thank you for the sunshine pictures.

    Wendy Hendricks

  17. In order to fight (handle) your weakness after the illness you should get yourself a solid soup cooked on a good broth a couple of times a week. Nobody gets well on a diet of fruit and candies. I like it both but I also eat other stuff. You gotta look at nutrients. Beef or chicken broth can be found on the shelf of a good grocery store. It'll help, trust me.

  18. Hi Denise....I had the exact same illness as you. It started on Jan 14th with a scratchy throat and cough. By the next morning, it was full blown. I slept on and off for over two weeks. Mine also went into my chest and finally got some antibiotics (had some left over from my hubby's sinus infection) and a Dr. friend got me a albuterol inhaler. I was just too sick to go to the Dr. and wait for hours in the waiting room. I probably should have been in the hospital, too. At any rate, I also quit smoking during that time. Not easy now that I am finally feeling better. At any rate, my point is.....I am still weak and fighting the cough and get out of breath. That was a horrible flu/illness. Good luck on the quitting. I could use some luck too.

    Joan M. (HD Forum)

  19. Just started reading your blog 3/13/13, so have to catch up. I love Harlan Coben books. There are quite a few imitators, which drive me crazy. Can't they come up with their own niche?