Wednesday, February 20, 2013


I had made up my mind to try the Q Casino.  New experience ?  New people ?  Close to Yuma. 

Didn’t ‘set-up’ – only put the slides out and the levelling jacks down.  Took a walk around.

This guy has a honkin’ big Class A and towing this.  Took these pics for you Byron.



I was there only a matter of a few hours and knew that I wouldn’t be staying there.  It’s not a place where you put your mat and chairs out – although many people do.  Figured I’d just O/N there and check out another place the next day.

THEN a big 18 wheelie pulled in right next to me and you know how they leave their engines running – well despite the fact that it was almost 6:00PM I quickly put the slides back in and jacks up.  I didn’t see this sign when I pulled in…

03 - Copy

Wouldn’t have mattered though ‘cause there were tons of RV’s parked in the ‘Trucks’ section because the RV section was full.

I was going to go straight out to Pilot Knob but given the hour of the day I thought I’d check out a spot just down the road from the Casino where I had seen lots of RV’s parked.

There was quite a selection of boondocking places to choose from.


This one was quickly eliminated because of that HILL to get up there.  No problem with the rig of course but I am always thinking about getting the bike in and out of wherever I am.  I know it doesn’t look like much but it was nasty.  That gravel road to the right of the picture goes on for quite a ways and there’s places all along there – but they were taken.


So I ended up here just for the night….


The enormity of the desert and the number of different places you can “live” for free still amazes me !


But I knew I wasn’t going to stay there.  Didn’t get that ‘feeling’ – whatever it was.  So I moved the next day.  You see I was over there……


And I just moved a smidge down the road to here…



Turns out this is all Indian Reservation Land and sometimes someone comes around and most times not.  They charge $75.00 for a ‘fishing license’ for the Season and you get to stay there.  One guy told me he’s been there since October and no one has been around.


The people that boondock here are mostly regulars who come here to the same spot year after year and set up for the Winter.  Across the road is more boondocking areas….



And down over an embankment even more..


So I followed the road to see what it was like to get the bike in and out.  This didn’t look too bad……


But no way was I about to tackle this on the bike…….


Plus it felt kinda isolated down there so I crossed that off my list.

I also still didn’t get that ‘feeling’ where I was so stayed there O/N and decided to move on.  I did meet two nice couples from Burnaby, B.C. and they invited me to join their campfire that evening.  I didn’t though.

So now where is she going (your asking )……

For my Northern Friends – even if you’re not interested in the desert pics you surely have noticed the beautiful blue skies in all of them.  LOL

OH, And you know that thing I’m NOT TALKING about – well it was FOUR WEEKS yesterday and it’s still NOT GETTING ANY EASIER !  Today I start the next level – Step 2  - 14MG as opposed to Step 1 being 21 MG.  It damn well better start to get easier soon so I’m throwing in the towel !!  Grrrr


  1. It will get easier. I've done it. Just baby yourself. Most especially, eat anything you want.

  2. Haven't you ever heard the old saying ... "Nothing worth doing is ever easy" ... And believe me, this is worth it.

  3. You can do it! It absolutely does get easier. Don't give up, it's so worth it.

  4. But, where did you end up. Freddy and Delcie are at Pilot Knob BLM. We regularly boondock there. Down the road BEHIND Pilot Knob Resort about 1.6 miles. There are three compounds with good sites.

    1. Toni, That's exactly where I am. NOT Sidewinder Road. Been too cold and windy out today so no-one was outside. I remember they had a truck and a 5th wheel ??

    2. Denise:
      We are down the frontaqge road at the end. Big area and the sand is pretty solid. It's a 14 day area but we have been here sinse we left Q.
      Freddy and Delcie

  5. Don't you dare throw in the towel. Don't you dare. Just so you know, Jim had to go cold turkey when he finally quit. One day he had had enough and was done.

  6. Oh Denise, don't give up. Just think about John every time to consider throwing in the towel. You do NOT want to end up like him. It is a miserable way to live.

  7. Thanks Sassy for thinkin of me....that would be me all over a nice 20 odd footer of bike haulin trailer!! Safe travels and take it one day at a time on the cigs.....I've had it kicked for 30 years.


  8. You can do it Sassy, I spent 3 months drugged out of my mind almost and then ta da, finally, still think fondly of them but that's all. It's been 13 years. Now the weight issue is a problem but I sure love food, LOL

  9. Don't give up. Took me two tries. Learned that I couldn't "just have one". Now, some 25 years later, I'm still addicted, but know better than to have "just one". Of course, I'd probably cough up a lung.
    It's not an easy addiction to lick, and nobody said it was, but just take it one day at a time.

  10. Yeah Sassy, the Outpost HD is in Colorado Springs and that unit will carry babout 12 bikes..........quite the rig!!


  11. I'm smoke free for 2 years now this week. After smoking for 45 years I too wound up in the hospital. Dragging an oxygen hose around the house for 4 weeks gave me the incentive to quite. Keep the weaning process going and it does get easier. I found the urge was from previous routines such lighting up while waiting for the morning coffee to perk change your routines. I still grab a hand full of peanuts to replace the urge.

  12. Yes. Yes. Toni is right. I think Freddy and Delcie are right close. We have gone there every year.

  13. No, you're not throwing in the towel. Not after coming this far. You can do this!

  14. Don't give up! I did it cold turkey back in 07. It was my 3rd try but this time no help. I wonder if it isn't that stuff you use to quit that makes it so hard. Keep hard candy around and baby carrots. Just my 2 cents.

  15. Don't do it ,don,t start again ! You will feel better,it just takes time.

  16. Believe me, you can do it. I decided to quit one night in August of 1992. I had the patches but just hadn't done the deed. So it was either quit or go downtown for another pack. I grabbed the patches, stuck one on my arm, said MANY prayers, and I haven't had a cigarette since. Thank God in Heaven!!
    Again, you can do it too!
    DB in OKC.

  17. We have camped out there on the American River canal a few times over the last 3 years. We loved it! Walked into Mexico & had dental work the last trip there. We did lots of riding & exploring the first time there.

    Ride safe sister!