Sunday, February 24, 2013


Woke up this morning at 3:00AM to howling winds, the rig a rockin’ and the slide awning thingies just a flappin’ !

Had to get up and put in both slides.  Didn’t want those things to rip right off.

When I got up later at about 9:00AM it was still very windy.  Checked the forecast on the Internet and it said: “Wind Advisory in effect until 7 PM”

The direction of the wind is from the North so although it is 60F/15.5C it feels cooler than that.  I have had my Mr. Heater going all morning.

Because of the Northerly direction of the wind I was able to put the bedroom slide back out but the main living area slide faces North so that has to stay in.


I tested it earlier by putting it out but it was far too windy and those topper things would definitely get damaged.  So it makes for tight living quarters here today.  Ya, I know I could turn the rig around but that just sounds like too much work right now.  I’ll see how the day goes.

Here’s Bennie IMMEDIATELY after he has gotten out of bed - from about a 12 hour sleep.  He hasn’t even gone out to pee !



  1. Stay in and stay warm. I think Bennie has the right idea.

  2. should have wintered in Florida this year.....they have had the warm weather ......will be heading for Newfoundland June 1st after Americade then onto Labrador.........
    Take Care and keep bloggong.


  3. Nice save on the slides...and good going Bennie. Learning more and more on the winds of the SW...and how to endure :)

  4. Ya... it is time for that desert wind!
    We enjoyed our times boondocking along the All-American Canal (I think thats where you were).

  5. Bennie got one look at that outdoor furniture and made the smart choice.

  6. Windy here, too, up by Parker. I'm in an RV park so can't change my angle to reduce the bouncing. This is one of those times where I'm glad I don't have slides to pull in; I never have any room to lose. The forecast says windy every other day this week. What?!! Every other day?!!!

  7. Reporting in from Scottsdale ... it's been windy here too. It got me out of bed early. I headed right to the computer and the weather report. The weatherman must have slept in. He didn't change his forcast indicating there would be strong gusts for a few hours after that. In my next life I'm coming back as a weather forecaster. I think I could do well.

  8. Bennie is one smart guy. He knows whats best.
    The wind here is bad too. And really making it colder than it is.

  9. Our girls don't budge in this weather either. Not until they absolutely no choice. Supposedly the wind is going to die down tomorrow. We'll see. But I sure hope so.

  10. Checking in from Overton, Nevada. Windy here too. The cover over the picnic table is metal and the willow hangs over it and "scritches". Horrible noise.

  11. Windy here too. But it died down when the sun set. Not much wind for the whole week says the forecast. I guess it is always worse around Yuma.
    We had the same problem with these thingies (slideout- awnings?). The one on the living room slide ripped one night and, we had to get a new one. So -better safe than sorry. I would have done the same thing.
    On our new trailer: there are no thingies over the slides. Nontheless when it gets too windy I pull the bedroom slide in over night. Less noise that way.

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