Thursday, February 7, 2013


By far my favourite place to boondock in the Yuma area is The Pond.  And my least favourite place would be the VFW.  I’m at the VFW.  And it is PACKED here !!

The reason being is the convenience of easy in, easy out.  Staying at The Pond means 3 miles of dirt road in and out on the bike and lots of twists and turns in the sand around the pond.  I have no problem doing it and have done it sometimes twice a day.  Just not ready physically yet.

The VFW is certainly not a ‘quiet’ place.  It is right off Highway 95, right next to the train tracks, and of course lots of generators running.


Yes Folks, I have STALKERS !!  While in Q, Lee and I went to lunch.  As I went into the restaurant there were a group sitting in a booth.  One looked familiar.  So much so that I kept staring.  I (cautiously) approached the booth and said “Is your name Rita?”  She replied “Yes”.  I haven’t seen this person since the 70’s back in my days of living in Vancouver !!  I mean really Folks – what are the chances of running into someone you knew 30 years ago in the small town of  Quartzsite !!  We had a short chat, exchanged contact info. etc.

They came out to Plomosa Road to visit me and we did some more catching up.

On my way out of Q I stopped at the gas station and there they were again !!  They said they were going to be leaving Q the following week and heading to Imperial Dam.  I’m here at the VFW a few days and who do I see !!??  Yup, Them again.  Hmmm,  I think maybe I’ll need to repaint the rig and change my hair colour…..LOL


Before I pulled in here though I stopped at the Laundromat with the rig.  I washed everything in sight !!  The bed sheets, the duvet cover, all the quilts, the mattress cover, towels – EVERYTHING !  SICK BE GONE !!

The next day I pulled the rig out again and did a major stock-up at Walmart.  Now I was ready to settle in here.

Got the panels tilted.  The tilts on the new panel is MUCH better and easier to work with than the first two.  Don’t they look awesome.  They provided me with everything I need in terms of electricity.


Naturally I can’t do anything without banging myself up !


While I was on the roof I took several different angle pictures of the boondocking area at the VFW.


Yup, Far too crowded for my liking.


See how close the train is ?




Yes, It was time.  This would be the most exertion I have used since getting sick so I did it in stages.  The extra ramps that were made are heavy.  Did a little bit – rested – etc.




Later in the day I took a short run into Town to return a Library Book – just to get my riding legs back again.  All went well.


  1. Why don't you move to Holtville Hot Springs for a while? Mucho relaxation out here and you might even enjoy the hot tub. You know we haven't seen much of you yet. It'll be a good time now. Coupla real nice folks here too.

    1. I might just do that Peter. At the very least I'll be taking a ride there on the bike. The only bit of me you've seen this year is me being sick and you guys taking and doing all that laundry !! LOL

  2. It sure IS crowded, but you are in a good place with the bushes around you. That's what I like - some bushes nearby to keep other rigs further away!

    I agree with Peter + Beatrix - Hot Springs is where I'm heading next. I can't wait!!!!! It will take another week or so, though, until I'm back in San Diego and finish medical/dental/vision annual appts. Who knows, maybe we'll meet up there. :)

    1. Barbara, As I just said to Peter I am giving it some thought. I don't have that yearly Permit so I would have to pay the $40.00 for two weeks. Don't like that part of it.

    2. I guess I saw Barbara and her dog walking along the gravel road today. :))

  3. You are making great progress. Paul asked about you tonight at dinner and I had to fill him in on what was happening. He heads for New Zealand and Australia on Saturday. I thought things got a little crowded at Q - that doesn't even begin to compare with that place. What I find amazing that we can still recognize people after so many years and in such a strange place.

    1. It was really bizarre for sure. I was totally left speechless !

  4. It sure does look crowded there! It's amazing the stalkers we run into on the road. You meet them one place and before you know they are everywhere. However, most times that's a good thing.

    1. Jeri, In this case it is a good thing. They were great Folks back then and great Folks now.

  5. We have stalkers too! You might have met them at the first Quartzsite fire. They are in New Zealand right now so we are safe.

  6. Yay for riding again! Now I KNOW you are healing.

  7. Sassy, glad yer fellin' better and back in the saddle!! Stay strong and take care of time and you'll be bootin around more on the bike, like you said, get yer riding legs back !! Nice to see people after all those happened to me in a remote area glacier fed pond in Alaska about 20 years ago. Standin 3000ft above sea level on the side of a pond and this guy comes up along and stands there fishin and we chatted and within 5 minutes we had discovery we were in the army cadets as kids back in Newfoundland. Strange.....


  8. Wellll, back here at Q we have lots of room! Love it! We were going to leave tomorrow, but decided to postpone until Monday. The reason is on my blog that I finally got published this afternoon.

    So glad you are improving rapidly. Good to have that ride out, isn't it.

  9. Good to know you got to ride again!