Sunday, February 10, 2013


For the Folks that do not know – VFW means Veterans of Foreign Wars.  The boondocking is actually behind their Building and on BLM (Bureau of Land Management) land.  It is FREE and the stay limit is 14 days.  You can come back here after being away for 14 days.

While it is definitely not one of my favourite places to stay, it does have its conveniences.  It is easy in/out and it’s within minutes of pretty much anything you need to do or see in the Yuma area.  And that’s what I was looking for at this time.

Bennie and I continue to take MANY walks throughout the day.  And it continues to be PACKED here.

These Folks are obviously together but good gawd look how close they are.  They can pass things through their windows if they want.  LOL


There’s every style ‘RV’ here.


Check out the teenie trailer down there.  These people ‘enlarge’ their living space by erecting that shelter.


I was walking to the dumpster the other day and there was actually a line-up of rigs waiting to check in.  I made that comment to a woman who was getting out of a truck.  She said they were all together.  Where were they going to park I wondered ??


But somehow they managed to find spots.



And then there’s me…..



  1. So you got the best spot of all...away from the Madding crowds.

  2. Just saw St Johns NFLD on TV---piles of snow, wild winds----etc.--think your spot is so much better!!!!!!

    Enjoy the crowds instead of the shovelling!!!!

    Lynn, Van. BC.

  3. The Newfie Girl is all by herself......did you shower?????????????????????? Glad yer posting more often, love to read yer stuff!! LOL!


  4. That was smart thinking on your part to get in between two shrubs. Keep all those people away! Most of those are way too close for me too. I don't care if you are traveling with someone. You still don't need to be slide to slide.

  5. You do seem to have the best spot. Continue to get well my friend. Oh, how's the book (s)?

  6. That is way too close. I can't believe their slides didn't hit. Glad you found those two bushes to help protect your space. That place is worse than some RV parks. Glad to hear you're doing better and getting stronger all the time. Being close to Walmart and such is good until you build up your body again.

  7. Geeeez...Denise that's too many in one spot. Looks like an RV-Park.

  8. That area is one busy place. It seems the RV's are parked closer than in conventional RV lots.

  9. Those people must be joined at the hip. I prefer your spot. Passed your vfw sat on our way to wallgreens. Sent up prayers for your continued recovery.

  10. Perfect spot! Those bushes on either side keep people from coming too close. I love it!

  11. Now that is way to close for comfort for me. But when you have to do it you just do it.

  12. Haha, stick that Hawg out there & no one wants to park near you! Good thinking ;-)