Sunday, February 3, 2013


I am thrilled beyond words to report that my health continues to improve and I am getting stronger each day. 

I am now back outside puttering around and doing small jobs with lots of little rest breaks.  I walk several times a day (never did that before) and the distance is increasing.

So hopefully now that’s the last we’ll have to talk about this sick stuff.

The withdrawals are more difficult now that I’m feeling better but I’m getting through them and we’re not gonna even talk about it !!  LOL

I mentioned in a PREVIOUS POST that while I was in the Hospital Terry and Doug (under Lee’s watchful eye !) built a box in one of my compartments to house more batteries.  I have been operating on two only and that has served me well.  Those two were located up in the front engine !??  What were they thinking ??  And certainly no room there to add more batteries.

So as soon as I was well enough I went over to Discount Solar and had them install SIX new Trojan T-105 batteries and one more 140W Solar Panel.  As far as solar upgrades now I’m DONE !

This is the only pic I took during the installation as I was inside laying down inside during the whole thing.


At the same time I also added that fabulous Pro-Fill Battery Watering System.  This just makes it soooooo easy to add the distilled water to your batteries and the pump does not allow you to over-fill – which I’m told is just as harmful to the batteries as under filling.


Another day or two of recovery under my belt and Lee wanted to make some modifications to the box that was built.  So with him doing all the ‘figurin’ stuff and giving me instructions we were able to complete it to his satisfaction.  He is a perfectionist and I do like that.


You Folks that are regular readers know by now that when there is work involved Bennie is always front and centre helping.


Must have gotten too cool for him in the shade so he had to move to the sunny area.  My boy does enjoy his comforts.


The box was originally built with the top attached and the opening at the front.  The intention being that it would be ‘sealed’ by the compartment door.  Lee wasn’t satisfied with that.  So we placed a fixed front to it instead.


Yup,  There’s Bennie again trying to be even more helpful by laying right under Lee’s feet so one of us could trip over him !!


Certainly just one week ago I would never have imagined that I would be out and about and actually working !!  Sure felt good !


Front now glued and screwed.  That baby ain’t goin’ anywhere !


The box was built large enough that there’s still plenty of room to store the distilled water and other things related to the batteries – things that won’t get harmed by the gases.


Next up was the top that was further sealed with aluminum edging and that foam weather stripping stuff.  This now can simply lift off making maintaining the batteries a breeze.


Who would have thought the day would come when building a battery box was excitement !!  LOL 


  1. I wish my batteries were so easily accessed. I have a Pro-Fill, too, but I can't access the battery tops at all. Your friend Lee is as good as you said he was!

    Glad you're continuing to improve. :)

  2. I love the picture of you out there sawing away. Makes me ole heart just glad.

  3. I love how RVers are so flexible. We change our minds about how we want things at the drop of a hat. And how good for you to be able to DO them!

  4. You must have worked Bennie way to hard. You do know that supervising is a difficult job. You might want to slow down alittle and give the guy some rest. LOL Glad you are feeling better.

  5. So glad to hear all that sicky stuff is behind you and just better days ahead.

  6. Look at you, out there working away. You even have color in your cheeks again.!!! Just remember to rest once in a while.

  7. We are sure glad to see you are up and about again. And that battery box looks very good.

  8. Is your new battery box vented to the outside to prevent the buildup of battery gas?

  9. Bill, Yes, It is well vented. The guys drilled holes for that and then screened the holes so that critters cannot get in. If it passed Lee's inspection I am more than satisfied !