Wednesday, February 6, 2013


I was in Quartzsite for almost FOUR weeks.  By far the longest time I’ve stayed there – and of course we all know it wasn’t by choice.

Finally, a few days ago, I left Quartzsite and am now back in Yuma.  I feel like I’m back in the world.  LOL  I could have left much early than that as I felt quite confident and safe that my recovery was such that I had no fears of going solo again.

Some of the Gang hanging out having their morning coffee.


But I took the extra few days to get a few things done and to make sure everything was working as it should with respect to my solar/battery upgrades.  I am pleased to say it is and I’m sure I’ll be able to get several days of non-sunny weather (when I head North) out of this battery bank.

I also got this Motion Sensor Light to put over the front door and I’m loving it.  It comes with a 200W LED Bulb which alone is around $20 – $25 – so well worth the price.


I started to install it and carefully removed the old fixture and all the goop around it.  Despite being very careful look how part of the paint came off !!  GRRRR  Not worried though because the new fixture is much larger and covers it.  Otherwise I’d really be PISSED !!


The existing wiring confused me a little and TERRY came to rescue and had it done in no time.


I also wanted Lee to go over a few things with me re the numbers I should be seeing now.  All is in order.  He also tested my ‘Phantom Draw’ and at 1.5 AMPS he said that was a little high but not bad.  There was absolutely nothing left on so we couldn’t figure out why it was a little high.

Never did get to ride with Mike and Julie but they finally got their bikes out.  They are staying in Q for another couple of weeks so I’m sure they will get some great riding in !





What was left of the Group went out for Dinner the evening before Terry and Jeri were pulling out.  The place was busy so we sat outside while we were waiting for our table.  Not too shabby that you can sit outside in the gorgeous Arizona sunshine at 5 o’clock in the evening in early February !!



Jeri and Terry pulled out – carefully as this was the first time they were towing that particular vehicle.  Wisely, they did a few loops around first.  The picture is poor because I took it from inside though my dirty window !


Now that I’m back in Yuma I have a number of things to catch up on.  Bennie is desperate for a grooming – as am I.

The weather here is picture perfect with the daytime highs being in the High 70’s to Low 80’s.  I haven’t even needed the heat on at night so far.

Oh, And I’m not even going to talk about how much I’m EATING !!  Lots and lots and lots of desserts !  I’ll be in competition with the Goodyear Blimp if this doesn’t stop soon.  Appears that if my mouth cannot have nicotine it wants sweets !! LOL


  1. Happy to see you are recovered and kicking that weed habit...been there done 30 days you will feel a lot I wish the best on your choice to give it safe D

  2. Sure am glad to hear everything is working well, including your body. And Bob is right. It won't be long before you're going to be able to handle the withdrawal and the sweet cravings. So enjoy the sweets while you can. Enjoy that sunshine. We're going to lose it this week-end. So sad.

  3. Hey, if you are getting off nicotine, indulge yourself any way you can. Don't worry about how much (or what) you are eating. Glad you feel back to normal.

  4. Glad to see you're feeling better, congrats on kickin the habit.....keep away from them!! Happy to also see yer havin nice weather.....I only wish!!


  5. Eating all these sweets we won't recognize you next time. Or?

  6. It is so good to hear how well you are feeling and that you are back in Yuma. RE: the nicotine.... your lungs are going to love you :)

  7. If you've decided to quit smoking, you can eat, eat, eat whatever you want. You're thin - a few extra pounds won't be a bad thing.

    When I quit smoking I chewed a lot of sugarless bubble gum and that took care of the oral thing and also the sugar thing. The other thing I decided to do, and it really DID help, is: I never said I quit smoking. I said, "I don't smoke." It seemed to reprogram my brain somehow. Quitting isn't an easy thing to do, I'm proud of you!

  8. Wow, I really like Me and My Dog's comment above. I've never smoked so don't know how hard it is.

    So glad you made it home safely.


  9. Ya just can't keep a tough cookie down. Have fun in Yuma. We head out Friday...going to Anza Borrego/Borrego Springsto do more boondocking.

  10. Glad to see you able to move on your own terms. Glad to read you are winning the nicotine fight--excuse me, that you don't smoke. May that be your last bout of bronchitis. The sugar fight will be easier for you when its time comes because it has not had as long a run so I encourage you to go on and do what it takes for now.

  11. Sure glad to see you doing so much better. If the timing is ever right when one is sick, it was right then. At least you weren't all by yourself out in nowhere land. You're right that was our first tow. In the past we'd been busy towing the trailer and the RZR. It was a pretty expensive tow though considering how much the aparatus cost us and now we're looking for something else to hang back of the motorhome.

  12. Heh Denise---can't believe you've kicked the smoking habit---GOOD for you---think of all the $$$$$$ you'll save ---to spend on desserts!!!!!!

    Thinking back though to the days at the Burrard--all the gang sitting around---drinking beer & the air BLUE all around us----surprising that we've all lasted this long!!!!!

    Take care & enjoy the warm temps---seems like we haven't seen the sun in Vancouver for months---lots of fog, drizzle & dreary days.


  13. Glad you are all mended and back on the road.
    Not smoking has changed my life I can breath better. Don't know if food tasting better is a good thing but heh.