Tuesday, February 26, 2013


My little guy is 13 years old today.  Oh My !  That’s 91 in ‘human years’ isn’t it ?

But as you can see by these two short little videos, he’s still going strong. 

He’s meet so many little friends here and this little gal’s name is Blue who’s he’s currently playing with.

Here’s last year’s post on this special day…..


And here’s the one the year before that….


But here’s something else I didn’t post before.  I had been off the cigs for THREE MONTHS when Skipper got sick.  Just like this time, the first month was HELL ON EARTH !  The second month was ‘slightly’ easier.  And by the third month I was doing really good.

Then Skipper got suddenly sick and I had to take him to the Emergency Vet – it was a Sunday night.  I left the Vet’s place at 1:00AM having had to send Skipper to puppy heaven.

I stopped at a 24 hour convenience store on my way home and bought a pack of smokes !  And I haven’t tried since then to give them up again.

So here’s a little warning to my precious little Bennie – DON’T YOU DARE GET SICK FOR A LONG LONG TIME !!


  1. The act of smoking is just something with your hands so just join them together and say a prayer for your lost friend and instead of buying smokes use metholated cough drops it is definitely easier to give them up then the smokes. After having quit numerous times I know how it feels but but at the end of April it will be 26 years that I'm smoke free. Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  2. Bennie, do you hear that! Congratulations Denise. You are lucky you can just substitute food for cigarettes cause you are so darn skinny.

  3. Nah! You and Bennie Boy are going to be around for a long time.

  4. That would have pushed me to smoke too..and I don't smoke! How sad. Glad you're doing as well as you are this time! And yes, Bennie is going to be around for a long time yet!

  5. Bennie is still going strong so nothing is going to happen to him. Scooter will be 11 the end of March. Hard to believe we've had our special fur kids that long. Happy Birthday Bennie. Hope you got some special treats for dinner.

  6. Happy Birthday Bennie!
    We hope that you have many more years to play around and help your mommy stay off the cigs.
    These little dogs usually have a longer life than the bigger dogs. So there definitively is hope for you two! :))

  7. Happy Birthday Bennie from Oliver and Olivia....and the two so called adults. You are doing great...wish you were in Borrego Springs. There is plenty of room.

  8. Happy Birthday Bennie

    If I make it, one day at a time, until July 2nd I will 30 years Tobacco, alcohol, and drug free. quit them all the same day.Dang near killed me but it would have for sure If I hadn't quit. Didn't give up Motorcycles until 2004 when Jeanie and I became a couple. With her in a wheelchair all I needed was to take a spill and both of be down.

  9. Happy Birthday Bennie, from Fred. Fred says Bennie will be around for a long time cause his mom quit smoking and polluting his air. :)
    Glad your sticking with it Denise.

  10. Jeezzzz my dear, ya memory is sum good or your filing system is super duper!! LOL!! Can't remember what I did yesterday, some days!! Stay the frig away from dem smokes or you'll have the big guy on yer back.....and we don't want that!! Good luck with it all........


  11. Hi Sass. Hope all is well & you're on the mend. Bugger of a winter here, just like an actual season...hoping this means a repeat of last year's decent riding season. If so, maybe in six weeks or so I will again hit the highways...should have a few DMV points back by then.

  12. Happy Birthday, Bennie. I hope he got a special treat from you. He certainly deserves it!