Monday, January 14, 2013


The COLD continues and at Noon it is still only 40F/4C – but feels like 32F/0C due to the high winds. Winds from the NNW at 20 to 25 mph with gusts to 35 mph. The end of this cold front is in sight though as Thursday is predicted to be back in the high 60’s.  Sure looking forward to that !

First priority of the morning is to keep Bennie warm.  I turn on the dreaded generator – crank up the furnace – turn on my electric heater – and also turn on my Mr. Heater which is placed right next to my little guys bed.


Yesterday I moved from Plomosa Rd. over the La Posa South to hang with people I’ve met over the last few years – and of course will be meeting more of their Group again this year.

NOBODY is outside due to the cold weather.

02 - Copy

The above pic was taken from my living room window – not going outside today for nuttin’ !!

Another rig pulled in behind me.  It is a huge 5th Wheel Toy Hauler and they are also friends of this Group.  Jeri tells me they are Harley people so I’m looking forward to meeting them.

I’m hunkered down here with the beautiful Arizona sun pouring in through my front window – but still need the Mr. Heater going.  I was able to turn off the other sources of heat.

The bike’s cover is blowing like crazy but hasn’t flown off yet.  I WILL NOT  secure it underneath – once was enough for that mistake !!


It doesn’t take much to amuse or entertain me – just watching how Folks bring their Blue Boys to the dump station entertains me. This guy is on his second trip now.


This guy is on his THIRD trip !!


And of course there’s Jeri out freezin’ her butt of waiting for Duchess to ‘go’.


Duchess obviously didn’t care about the wind or the cold – she was just taking her time.  I don’t think Jeri was very happy !  LOL


Y-A-W-N --- time for a nap.


  1. sounds like a good day to stay hunkered down...and keep warm...Duchess may be like our matter how long it takes or how bad she needs to go she just HAS to have the right spot...

  2. Seems like are never gettin' bored. Take in everything from the comfort of "home". Good for you. It's cold down here too, but not as cold as in Q-site. Stay warm.

  3. Hope you get a break from the cold soon! It's too cold there and too warm on the east coast. I'll trade ya! Stay warm.

  4. Like you, we look forward to the changeover weather that returns heat and far less wind.

  5. How fun for me that I recognize so many names of blogger friends in your little covered wagon circle. Stay warm. I just looked out our window and it's 32 and snowing big, fluffy beautiful flakes. Pretty, but now sticking thank goodness.

  6. You're so funny. I chuckled about your blog numerous times as I read it. You'll really like your neighbors -- the Harley people. I started to walk over to your place but was afraid it was naptime. Hardly no one was outside today. Cold. Cold. Cold. I don't like it either.

  7. Same here. The RTR camp looked deserted as everyone stayed inside. 25 degree wind chill! I spent the day in town seeing to errands. Tomorrow I plan to huddle indoors with some hot chocolate. I think we are all ready for Wed. and after. Let's get together when the temps are compatible with human life. Bennie looks pretty cozy though.

  8. We went out to go to the vet's (Scooter has a sore on her ear) but they were jammed packed and we came home. That's it. I haven't been outside other than that and that about did me in. I hate this cold stuff. And yes it is Linda. Great Picture. I think I'll "borrow" it.

  9. Like the heater, if I ever find another rig I will get me one of those. Harley seems to like it just fine.
    It just has to get warm soon I am sick and tired of staying home.

  10. I look your way and wave as Oliver,Olivia and I do our duty walks. I did "tend to my kinttin" and worked on a pair of wool socks.:

  11. Oh WHY did you make me go back and look at those pictures of your bike on its side?! The horror!
    Well, I suppose I didn't *have* to look.
    Worse in person I'd imagine.

    Those guys seem to haul more sh*t than we did on the farm.