Friday, January 4, 2013


Some of you may recall that we (Bro. & SIL) barrelled across the Country and got within a few hours of Yuma in less than two weeks.  If “I” were driving I dare say I’d still be in Michigan somewhere !!  LOL

But we got STUCK IN AVONDALE due to the fact that my SIL saw a SMOKIN' GORGEOUS RED MUSTANG CONVERTIBLE and it took almost a week to deal with the paperwork etc.

We became VERY acquainted with the Wally’s parking lot there – and that’s where I am now for the next TWO FULL FRIKKIN’ DAYS !!

“What?”  “Why"?”  You would ask…  I knew things were just going along too smoothly.

While waiting for the Generator part to arrive I went back to Little Dealer Little Prices (hereafter called LDLP)  where they got me in late Thursday afternoon and did the repairs to the Ramp Door.

This morning (Friday) before I headed into the Office to pay the bill I decided to check the door by opening it – checking it out – and closing it.  Well I couldn’t get it closed ??  Got it almost all the way and then couldn't budge it any further.  It felt like it was catching on something.  I went inside the hauler to make sure nothing was obstructing it.  NOPE nothing in the way.

Went inside to talk to ‘da boys who came out to look at it.  Turns out the welding was left too high (really don’t know how to explain it any other way) and therefore it was pushing up against the other side of the hinge which was stopping it from closing…….well, unless you pushed really, really hard.


So they had to grind it down some and re-paint it.  I’ll bring to your attention again the care they take while doing this.  Jeff was holding up this thing so that no sparks or spray from the paint would go on the bike.  He even took it one step further by asking me if I had a cover for the bike (which I do) and he also put the cover on.


Just had to take a pic of this gorgeous car that is sitting in their front entrance area.


The other issue was the crack on the side.  This is not visible from the outside and now that the pressure has been taken off the cap the crack ‘shouldn’t’ run.  But I did speak with them about this and asked if there was anything they could do to ensure the crack wouldn’t run further.


They told me all that was needed was a small drill hole at the end of the crack and proceeded to do just that.  I guess the service technician that drilled the hole wasn’t satisfied with the first hole so drilled another.

05 - Copy

The PROBLEM was that by doing this it furthered the crack around the corner onto the part of the Ramp Door that is painted.  It is VERY minor I know – but by drilling these holes it has now made this issue even worse and the potential for the crack running all the way along the outside of the Ramp Door even more likely.

06 - Copy

I was NOT a happy camper.  And with so many different people around – I think me and my rig were quite a novelty there LOL – there was no question that it was their error.

There was also no question that they would make it right.  But it’s going to involve an entire day to grind, paint etc. etc. and I had to get going back to Cummins/ONAN as my Generator was ready to be re-installed.

So I’m again stuck in Avondale until Monday when I have to go back to LDLP for 8:00AM Monday so they can do the repair.


  1. Oh no! I'm beginning to think this is definitely the winter season of problems. Everyone seems to be having them. Hopefully, you'll enjoy your stay at Wal-Mart. Maybe by now they will roll out the red carpet for you since you're a repeat guest. Our fingers are crossed they get the repairs right this time!!

  2. thing leads to another. Nice to have a repair shop that cares though. Soon everything will be in "tip-top" condition and you'll be on your way!

  3. One step forward...two steps...well. You know. Hope it all resolves itself sooner than you expect it to.

  4. Oh my you aren't spared for anything, are you? Hope it all works out in the end.

  5. And I was so excited about everything going so well. Shoot!! Hope you have some good computer games to play to keep yourself out of trouble.

  6. wow...thought that would be a quick fix for things seems to lead to another..but you will be right as rain on monday and on your way :)

  7. Murphy enters from stage right. he does his villainous whammy and exits stage left