Wednesday, January 30, 2013


Slow – very slow – but steady.  I am eating well (small amounts but frequent) – I am resting lots – and I am sleeping at night.  What more could you ask for !!

I still tire very easily, however, am finding I’m able to do just a little bit more each day.

I am able to go out for short walks a couple of times a day.  I try to increase the distance (and not by much) each time – but not the pace.  It is very much a slow stroll and I’m ok with that.

Really pretty much all of the symptoms are gone now with a minimal cough left (DUH !!).  And even at that it feels more from my throat as opposed to my chest.

Just gotta get my energy level back up.

I’ve finished the anti-biotics and had hoped for a renewal but they would not authorize it without going in to see a Doctor.  I don’t know if the anti-biotics helped or one of the other meds but just felt another week on the anti-biotics wouldn’t hurt.

My anxiety and fear levels are still quite high.  There are two reason for that.  First, The fear is that I will have a relapse (especially while I’m still here in the States).  Second, is the withdrawals.  But I am getting through it all. ONE DAY (or minute) AT A TIME.

The Group here (there are 6 rigs I believe) had a gorgeous campfire last night.  I strolled over to say hi and then strolled back home again.  I’m ok with that also.




Riding the Harley may have to wait another little while !!  LOL


  1. You are right just take one day at a time. You had some pretty great sunset photos. Today's another day and you look like each day you're getting a little stronger.

  2. I'm sure everyone will say one day at a time and that's it!! Take it easy and the bike can wait till you get stronger. You'll be better real soon....take care of yourself!!


  3. Hi D......happy to hear you are on the mend......though I am a long way away if their is anything I can do let me know.

  4. It seems that 'slow and steady' will the your norm for the next while. It's good to learn that you are making positive progress though.

  5. glad to see your on the mend...and things are looking up..take it slow and easy...I'm still coughing and don't think the antibiotics helped me either (I always travel with at least on round supply so as not to have to visit a doctor) I think the honey and cinnamon did the trick for me..take care

  6. You will feel better after a period of time off the antibiotics. One of their side effects is fatique so give it a couple I'd days to get those out of your system and I am sure you will feel better. Take care!

  7. When you say "withdrawal" does that mean you've quit smoking? (I doubt you are withdrawing from the antibiotics.)

    If so, I congratulate you, that's a huge thing and will definitely help your health and pocketbook $$$, for sure. I quit about 30 years ago, one of the best things I ever did for myself.

    Take care and be kind to yourself. Give Benny a pat for me and Katie. :)

  8. I have no doubt that you can do this. I know how strong you really are. Just like Jim. You looked and sounded so much better today I couldn't believe it. Can you get to Mexico for some anti-biotics? Just an idea for when you're down in Yuma. And as difficult as it is for us to admit, we just take longer than we used to to heal up.

  9. Denise, you make us happy. Just continue the way you have ahead of you. And if you feel for it, just come on down whenever you are ready.

  10. Glad you're feeling a little strong each day. What a beautiful sunset!

  11. You had a bad one and it will take a while to get back up to speed. Just take it slow and easy. So glad you are feeling better.

  12. Again, while I'm not a believer in a lot of medications, (my usual still being aspirin), having been through this same thing, I sincerely urge you to go back to the doctor for a checkup and additional could mean your life. It happened to me and I am a smoker so it was twice as hard-hitting on my already damaged lungs. It took me the better part of 3 weeks to get back to normal after I started on the meds. Do yourself a favor....go to the doc.