Saturday, January 12, 2013


I woke up this morning at 6:30AM and it was 28.7F/-1.8C and turned that awful generator on and cranked up the heat !!

I had the furnace going – my Mr. Heater going – AND a small electric heater going to warm up the place.

When I went to bed last night my batteries were fully charged but this morning they were down to 12.2.  I had set the furnace to 50F so it likely was running most of the night and sure sucked the juice out of those batteries !

Now I’m not complaining here – NO SIR EEEE !!  Merely stating a fact.

If I was not here – well then I’d be THERE……………….


My home town got hit with quite the storm the other day and many places are still without power.

I got these pictures off the Internet.


You ‘Southern’ folks may think this is not real.  Believe me it is.  The back basement door in my house was like this most of the Winter. 


Depends on the wind direction right.  There was even one time my front door was like the following picture but my front door opened OUT so I couldn’t open it at all. I saw my neighbours out with their snow blowers but with all that noise they couldn’t hear me yelling to them. I got the smart idea of setting off the alarm on my car to alert them. That caused them to look to my house where they saw me waving. They came and shovelled me out.


So Winter is Arizona is COLD right now but it is only going to last for another 4 days.

Quite a few more rigs from that Escapee Solo Group have pulled in here.  Looks like there’s gonna be lots of camp fires…


Yesterday three different people (at three different times) came knocking on my door to see who I was and invited me to join them.  RV Folks are like that – always so friendly.  I’m ok with one on one or even a small group.  But when it gets to be too many people I get the heebie jeebies.

I’m going to head over to La Posa South today or tomorrow to spend some time with SANDIE & JIM plus there’s a few other people in their Group that I know.  Sandie has already gotten to know me quite well and is so accepting of my ‘quirkiness’.  She said in an e-mail “We'll find you a spot off a ways cause I think its going to get crowded around here.”

Of course THELMA is also going to be there and maybe I’ll even get another ride in the JAG !!

Also good friends LMJ will be arriving here sometime next week.  This is their first year full timing and of course will be their first time experiencing Quartzsite.  I’m really looking forward to spending time with them and seeing “Q” through their eyes.


  1. It is cool! We woke up to 27 degrees here on the Colorado River, between Bullhead City and Lake Havasu, AZ. It is nothing like back home or on the Prairie Provinces though!

  2. Come on over. It's warmer here - we only got to 32. Sure am looking forward to seeing you again. And ain't it great that we ain't shoveling it.

  3. OK after looking at the pictures of your house, I am not going to complain about freezing my butt off for a few days.
    That is some snow.