Thursday, January 3, 2013


The source of the oil leak in the Generator has been identified - see red circle – it’s some kind of a plug.  Turns out it wasn’t a gasket afterall !! They called me at 7:00AM (bad, bad !) but as it happens I was already up – not ‘awake’ mind you – but outta bed.


They did not have the replacement part and needed to order it but it wouldn’t arrive until late tomorrow morning.  Then by the time they installed it, ran a bunch of tests to make sure there were no other leaks, and then re-installed the Generator – well I was looking at two whole days hanging around in the rig with nothing to do.

This is Eric, the Cummins Dealer Service guy.  He has been wonderful to deal with – well except for calling me at 7 o’clock this morning !!


My appointment to have the Ramp Door dealt with wasn’t until tomorrow but now I have the whole day ahead of me.  Called my contact at Little Dealer Little Prices and was told no they could not get me in today.  Hmmmm, What was I to do?

So I figured I’d just drive over there and get parked so that way I’d already be there for first thing tomorrow morning.  Why are all these service appointments for so damn early in the morning !!??

They got me parked and plugged in and Brent said he was going to see if he could shift around a few things and try to get me in this afternoon.

In the meantime I went browsing around their Store.  Now you KNOW that was a mistake !!  LOL

I’ve been wanting one of those battery watering system for ages now.  This little gizmo makes filling your house batteries (with distilled water) so much easier.  But the greatest thing about them is that you CANNOT overfill.  Overfilling your batteries is just as harmful to the battery as having them with not enough water.

Got talking to the guy on the Parts Desk and he showed it to me.  He ended up giving me such a discounted price on it I couldn’t say no !!


There she is all installed !!  Ya, Ya, Ya, I know, you can’t make out a damn thing in the pic.  And I’d like to say I did it myself but I didn’t.  Well I did do part of it (replaced the caps) but when it came to hooking up the tubes the instructions were a little confusing.  Got chatting with one of the guys out in the yard and POOF she’s done !


About 4:00PM they said they were going to ‘start’ on the Ramp Door but likely would have to finish it tomorrow.

Turns out there were THREE screws missing from the hinge – and that’s what put so much pressure on the ‘cap’ part that made it come apart from the door frame.

Here’s Steve taking out the crappy screws Newmar had on the hinge and replacing them with a far sturdier screw.


With the hinge now re-secured the cap part was easily pushed back into place.

Then he went an extra step.  He’s grinding off some paint here on the hinge to prep it for soldering.   That’s Jeff looking on and helping.  Jeff’s a biker guy so we got along great !


The soldering was something to do with ensuring the hinge was permanently attached to the actual door so that it was off the cap and will NEVER damage the cap again.  I didn’t really quite understand that part but trusted them.


Craig is the Shop Foreman and was also an absolute pleasure to deal with.  He was the one (yesterday) who noticed the three missing screws when no-one else (including myself) had.  Within seconds of talking with him I got a really good comfort level that I was at the right place to get this work done.


Steve even went another extra step and painted the hinge – in order to prevent rusting from where he grinded off the paint.

See how well they protected everything from the sparks that were flying.


JOB DONE !!!  Now to get the rig out of that narrow little area they had it pulled into…


Yup, Better them than me doing this !!


It was late by the time they did finish so I’m plunked down here for the night.

Tomorrow I’ll head back to Cummins/ONAN and wait out the day until the Generator is done.

Wonder where I’ll go after that ??  Back to Yuma ?  Head to Quartzsite ?  Dunno yet.  Guess I’ll know tomorrow when I get on the road.


  1. You said "soldering" and I was confused. Then I see he was "welding".
    Ah, that makes sense now. Big difference. If he welded it back together, you shouldn't have any more issues.
    I see they did a "Polar Dip" in New Perlican, I'm sure you're sorry you missed it...

    1. Bob, Yes welding ! LOL After I published this post I realized my error in terminology.

  2. Great news! Sometimes you get lucky and find the good guys right when you need them!

  3. You're getting that taken care of much sooner than you thought!! Good deal! So, the repair person would have charged a thousand bucks to replace that gasket and that wouldn't have been the issue at all. I bet you're glad you didn't have him do it

    We'll be heading to "Q" in about a week.

    1. Jeri, I'm hoping to be there early next week - if nothing else goes wrong !! LOL

  4. So happy to hear that things are finally going better for you with such good service work. Yippee. Hopefully we're going to see you in Q. About a week to go before we get to leave. I'm so excited.

    1. Sandie, I bet you are excited ! You've been sitting in one place far too long huh.

  5. I really wonder about how someone could fail to see the missing screws in the first place. Good that everything could be fixed, and probably at much les expense as you'd thought. Why don't you come out to the Hot Springs for a coupla days? You might even enjoy it.

    1. Peter, I'm definitely going to try to get to the Hot Springs this year for sure.

  6. I love that not having to know where I'm going until I'm ready to drive. And repair people that make you feel confident in their work. You picked well.