Monday, January 28, 2013


Gawd where do I being….

As many of you know I have been sick.  Most of you didn’t know quite know how sick I became – me being on the top of that list.

It came on quickly and became increasing worse each day.  Whatever “IT” was went straight into my chest and lungs and breathing became extremely difficult.

After about a week (I guess – I was quite out of it) SANDIE had had enough.  She came by to check on me in the morning and within five minutes we were barrelling up 95 toward Parker’s Hospital Emergency.  She didn’t even give me a chance to change – still in my PJ’s and slippers !!

We did make a brief stop at the local clinic here (I didn’t even get out of the truck) but when Sandie told them it was having breathing problems they said go straight to Emergency in Parker.

Not knowing at this point if I was contagious or not they came over with their masks and gloves on.  I do believe Jim may have broken a speeding record or two driving to Parker.  LOL

Jim and Sandie are the ones I’ve known the longest – and that’s only 2 years I believe – and were such a support with help, comfort and caring.  For those of you that do not know, Jim has just gone through FOUR major surgeries just this past year alone – one of them being Lung Cancer.  So Sandie has had a lot on her plate lately.

During this whole process every member of the Group helped in some way.  Some of these people I only met as recent as two years ago and many I just met for the first time this year.  I’ve read other Bloggers refer to their “RV Family” but until now I had no concept.

There are just so many people to thank and undoubtedly I will forget someone or something.  So please forgive me if I have.

LMJ made sure Bennie was taken care of and went to get me chicken noodle soup etc.  MJ came over and washed my dishes; tidied up the house and changed my bed while I was in Hospital.  After a week of being sick and not being able to do anything that sure was appreciated.

Terry and Doug built a box for me in one of my compartments to house more batteries – while I was in the Hospital.



Lee just kept going back and forth to the store getting me anything I may need.  He also took Bennie over to his rig for the night while I was in the Hospital.

PETER AND BEA (only met them last year) were only in Q for a few days and came by to see me and asked if I needed anything done.  Well at that point the most DESPERATE thing that needed doing was my laundry.  It was already two weeks overdue and there was a LOT of it !!  They took it all and it came back washed, dried, and folded !

TERRY AND JERI were a constant source of help and comfort and provided food and regularly checking in on me.  They were both willing to do whatever was necessary to help.

Just met Mike and Julie this year and they are fellow riders.  Mike got the bike into the hauler for me.  I was TOLD to sit down and just direct them on where things went and how the ramps attached etc. etc.  They may have had to tell me that more than once.  LOL



Roger and Lynn (another couple I just met this year) sent me over a large container of delicious HOME MADE potato soup with all the other veggies in it.  Lynn was a Nurse so kept checking in on me regularly.

LINDA also brought over food and checked in on me daily.  She also drove out to Parker to bring me back to Q.

JOHN & NAN – I never did meet John.  But Nan also checked in on me and was willing to help in any way.

TONI & DOUG send over a piece of homemade lemon meringue pie during the first days of my illness.  Now who can’t get a slice of lemon meringue pie into them even when sick !!

Most of the Group were moving to another location just a few miles up the road (FREE) as all of our Permits were due to expire within 3-4 days of my return from the Hospital.  I decided it was best if I went also to stay around the Group until I felt stronger.  Several of the men offered to drive my rig over and even do my tanks for me !!!

It turned out that by the time I moved I was able to handle things myself – slowly – and with lots of rests in between.

I am improving slowly – ever so slowly each day.  I take short little jaunts (Bea that’s a wee walk LOL) a couple of times a day.  My anxiety levels are still quite high due to a fear of a relapse, however, that’s to be expected I’m sure.  As the days continue to improve – AND THEY WILL !! – that will ease off.

This whole experience has been – well you know I can’t even come up with the right word.  I have been on my own my lifetime, independent, self-sufficient and perhaps even a tad stubborn in my independence at times.  LOL

I am plowing every big of nutrition into my body that I can.  I’m giving my body everything it needs to help with this recovery.


And I know that as soon as I click “Publish” I will remember someone that I forgot to include here.


  1. That's what friends are for. I bet you would do the same thing. Take it easy and give yourself time to recover.

  2. Get well soon. Glad you had so many friends to help you.

  3. As my neighbor here uses to say, "I take my coffee with cream"...haha..
    Denise, we hope you can come down to the Holtville Hot Springs when you are "done" at Q-site. We will stay around here until it's time to go home, usually around March 20 or so.
    Best wishes for your further recovery!

  4. She's alive! :0) So glad you've been surrounded by great people. RVers are the best, aren't they.

  5. RV's sound just like bikers, they take care of their own. So, glad to see that things are improving. "It" has been nasty every where it has landed. Listen to your friends and get well, don't rush things, Take care of yourself, Bennie needs you. Karen

  6. D....Great that you have made so many friends......that's what is wonderful about the RV life style.....good move sticking with the Group...

  7. I, for one, am just so glad you feel good enough to post a blog. Being independent is a good thing, but knowing when you need help is a better thing. Love you girl.

  8. Forgot - tell Mom hi for me when you talk to her.

  9. Denise, I didn't realize you were so sick....hope you feel better real soon!! Amazing how people stick together and help each other....friends for life !!
    Good luck and God Bless!!


  10. We're just really glad you're better. Now just keep improving. Glad you're with us too!! Hopefully we can get in at least one more Thelma and Louise ride.

  11. What a great community! Glad you're on the mend.

  12. Your comments are exactly how I felt driving out of La Posa South on my way to the hospital in San Diego last January.

    Jim and Sandy and Terry and Geri were on the road and stopped. They offered to do anything, even be ready to come get me if I couldn't make it to San Diego and drive me the rest of the way. And take Katie and keep her until I returned. And do what was needed to get The Palms back to me when needed. And I had met them ONCE. Can you imagine???

    You - my friend - also e-mailed with offers of driving to San Diego to help me in any way you could. You said it wasn't that far and you'd be happy to help. And I think we had met TWICE!

    My new friend, Hazel, whose group, The Dingbats, I was camping with, also offered to do whatever I needed, and she was a new friend, too.

    I'm glad you now realize how much your offer of help meant to me. Especially as a single traveler, the help offered was invaluable and meant so much. I'm glad the good Karma you earned came back to you. And that you are starting to feel better. I hope every day is better than the last. :)

  13. Glad you're feeling better. Little Bennie needs his mom!

  14. Aren't RV Families the best ever. So glad they made you go get checked. You sure are surrounded by the best.
    Glad your getting better.

  15. You have been through a lot of late but thanks to a group of truly fine RVers, you were (and continue to be) well looked after. That is a a gift, indeed! We are wishing you a strong and quick recovery. It sounds as though you were struck quite hard with the flu/cold/ or whatever bug ailed you. All the best.

  16. I would like to go back to my comment om 12-21-12 "I dont read any blog regularly any more spend some time on Facebook but I am going to follow you just to watch things get better because I know they will."

    And they did and you are getting better and it will just keep getting better. I am appreciative of all the good folks that you had around you when you need them and even when you dont need them but just want them. Pretty cool lady ,pretty doggone cool

    Well looks like I singed in under Jeanie but that is ok cause she will say the same thing only with a better choice of words, thats just how she operates.. LOL
    Red Meador

  17. Hello, Denise I've checked in on your blog from time to time and apparently I missed something big this time. I pray for you on a regular basis anyway. I will continue to do so. Maybe I should've prayed a little harder and you wouldn't have gotten this illness. ;^)
    I thank God that you've developed a wonderful RV family. I hope you get well soon. But as your friends up and telling you DON"T PUSH YOURSELF. Just go with the ebb and flow of your body. You take care and God bless you.

  18. So glad to hear your on the mend, thank goodness for your wonderful RV friends, they are the best, take care and take it EASY for awhile

  19. The RV family is a wonderful thing, and goes to prove there really are good people in this world. Glad to see you're on the mend, it's no fun being down and sick as you were.

  20. I still can't believe you did that move, dump and fill on your own. You are one stubborn lady. But, I am thrilled that you were able to do it. Now rest some more and keep getting stronger. I want to see you back here next year among your RV family.

  21. We sure miss you over here in LaPosa South. And glad that you and John were able to meet each other. Please, do not push yourself. Your body will tell you what you should do. Hugs...

  22. So inspiring. Love our fellow road friends. Glad you're on the mend.

  23. Wondered what had happened to you.
    Glad you are getting better and have such a large group of RV Family. Get well soon.
    w6pea & w6ome(aka "She Who Must be Obeyed")

  24. I'm glad you had so many good folks around to help when you needed it most.

  25. Glad that you are feeling better and that the RV community came together (don't they always?!) to help one of their own. I know that everyone you mentioned is wonderful, but I think that Sandie is one of the very nicest people I've never met! What a treasure! I hope to meet her F2F some day and tell her so... Can't wait to be a part of this community! :-)

  26. I am behind and catching up on my favorite blogs.

    That is something that I have noticed about RV folk, they are always there for each other.

    In July 2011 I had a major 'attack' of my spinal condition. I could barely move and there was no way that I could leave the State Park that I was in. The head Ranger called the person, who was supposed to take my site, and let them know what was happening and they- very kindly- accepted another site. The next day, after they set up, they came over to see if I needed anything. I had never met these guys before. The head Ranger also came by, several times a day, to check on me and told me not to worry and take whatever time that I needed to recover. There is just something about RV people, they always look out for one another. It is very cool!!

    Glad that you are feeling better now!!