Thursday, December 20, 2012


I’ve been hanging out at the VFW with MUDDER & JAMIE for the past week or so.  They have a new rig this year and holy smokes is it ever GORGEOUS inside.  I haven’t taken any pics of the inside (yet) but here are two pics of the outside – 45’ of all living space !



The VFW is NOT one of my favourite places to stay.  Far too much noise from the 95 – the trains – and yes, of course those awful generators !!  LOL  I’ve become a solar snob.  Who woulda’ thought !! hehehe

But actually I haven’t minded it as bad this time.  Go figure !!  I got myself tucked into a nice little spot…..


There haven’t been a whole lot of rigs here until just the last few days.  Now it’s packed here !  Apparently the WIN Group have pulled in to spend Christmas here.

Mudder & Jamie are going to that Fancy Smanchy RV Park this Saturday and will be there until the end of January.  Would love to go there with them but it’s WAY ABOVE any budget I (don’t) have !!

The temps have dropped significantly here making the nights and mornings COLD !!  My poor little Bennie shakes so bad ‘cause he’s cold I have to wrap him up in his blanket and put the Mr. Heater right next to him.


Thankfully, As soon as the front curtains are open letting all that beautiful Arizona sun in, it doesn’t take long to warm things up.

He’s an old guy now – will be 13 years old in February and the last year or so his breath is smelling bad due to his bad teeth.  I noticed just recently he seems to have some kind of infection around his bottom teeth and off to the Vet we went.  He will be having surgery on the 28th to remove at least two teeth – over $600 will be that little bill !!

I have had a lot on my mind lately and when that happens I don’t Blog and I suppose just go into my shell.

I’ve been very frustrated with a number (too many !) things that have broken around this rig.  Currently the door closing off the bedroom from the living area is off its track and there’s no way I (or others who have looked at it) can figure out how to get it put back on.


The Generator is leaking oil - big time – and has been since last year.  This pic was taken January of last year.

JAN 25-2012-02

Don’t know why I didn’t deal with it then ????  At that time, it would have still been under warranty and the cost covered.  It’s simply a frikkin’ gasket – BUT, the gasket is located such that the whole generator has to come out in order to get to it and repair it.  Since I have Solar I very seldom use my Generator, however, I do want it fixed.  One estimate I have received is $1,300 to repair it  !!  I’m working with ONAN now and they ‘indicated’ they might cover ‘some’ of the cost.  We’ll see.

And of course I’m still trying to get the RAMP DOOR fixed !  I did bring the rig into a repair facility and the cost is going to be almost $1,000.  Naturally it is no longer under warranty and (so far) Newmar has declined to pay for the repair.  I’m still dealing with them though because it is such crappy workmanship and I think they should pay for it !!  That is on hold now also until I can convince them.  The last e-mail I sent was several days ago so because I’ve yet to get another ‘decline’ reply I’m being hopeful that at least they are considering it !!

Oh, I got a laugh out of this sign while I was in the RV repair place…..


There is a screen that you can put down in the toy hauler area.


Not only is the screen out of it’s channel (don’t know what else to call it) but the whole screen is out of it’s track !!  And again, I cannot see a way to get it back in ???


There’s more stuff gone wrong but these are the things I can think of now !!  I bought a ‘Newmar’ because of its ‘quality’ rating.  Well, my experience is that this is NOT a quality built rig.  On the upside though, I will say that their Customer Service is very good and I am still hopeful that they will take care of the costs regarding the Ramp Door coming apart.

And last but far from least is the fact that my Condo has now been deemed WORTHLESS !!  The IDIOTS that run the place finally hired a Structural Engineering Study on the Building my Unit is in and the report was BAD – REALLY BAD !  The whole structure and foundation is beyond repair – despite cost to fix.  How would you like to find out at this stage in your life that your investment(s) are now deemed WORTHLESS.  Actually in my case it’s even beyond that because I still have a very large mortgage on the Unit.  Stressful, yes very stressful.  I’m doing everything I can to keep it out of my mind because there’s absolutely nothing I can do about it.  The IDIOTS are now trying to sell just the land and best case scenario each Owner ‘might’ receive about $20,000 from that.  Needless to say that amount would not even come in the ball park of covering my mortgage.

So needless to say I have not been in the best frame of mind lately.  I am working very hard on “trusting the process” and believing “everything happens for a reason” and “things will work out” etc. etc. etc. 

OH, And I’m not even going to talk about the damage “I” did just recently to the rig…..




Or the ladder hinge “I” broke….


I’ll save those little incidents for another Blog Post !!

HEY, At least I’m not shovelling SNOW !!  LOL


  1. So sorry to hear about your problems. As we do electronic repair here on RVs I can tell you it is not related to brand or cost. As I have mentioned in the past we also have a 2012 Canyon Star toyhauler. We have had numerous little issues that I just handle by myself, easier than calling Newmar. They have also been extremely helpful at taking care of the larger issues I have had, more so than any other manufacturer I have dealt with.

    Bennie is such a great little guy and so sorry he gets to go to the "dentist"! If you recall our little Jaz( 15 year old Maltese)she too had to have teeth removed. Actually 30 teeth which left her with only 8. She is still hanging in there.

    Hang in there Sas, it is going to be below 0 here tonight so I think you and Bennie have a better deal!

    Merry Christmas!
    Jay, Doreen and Jaz

  2. D...sorry to hear about your troubles........

    Wishing you a Merry Christmas and All the Best in the New Year


  3. Oh my dear Denise... what's going on? But don't worry tomorrow it's all over as the world comes to an end. LOL.

  4. That's a lot going on, Sassy. Too much. I'm so sorry all this is happening at once. Wishing things improve for you soon.

  5. Stress really does a number on us, doesn't it. Step away and eat your "elephant" one bite at a time.

  6. So sorry to hear about all these issues. Especially the one with the condo. RV's are always going to have issues which we get really sick of but we take one day at a time sometimes and enjoy the sunshine when we can. Poor Bennie. I really need to get my girl's teeth cleaned but, like you, money can really be a big problem. Take care of yourself. And thanks for the update.

  7. Sheesh! There is a lot of gray covering you life right now. I hope the skies brighten and that you can find resolutions for all problems.

    Wishing you a Merry Christmas and truly hoping that 2013 brings you greater fulfillment and positive results.

  8. OMG - you have having a time of it. I'm sorry about all the issues you're dealing with. It seems things go along smoothly and are wonderful and then everything hits at once.

    As suggested above, take one step at a time. Much less stress that way. And some of the repair issues you can live with for a while if you have to. Just take care of yourself and Bennie and stay positive. You have such a beautiful rig - really beautiful inside and out. All the necessary things work to keep you both warm and comfortable.

    The condo is different - I went through something similar, but had to short sell mine, and all my savings were in it. Best thing to do - just let it go. Make a decision to just let it go and move on. And live in your beautiful rig, thank goodness you have it.

    Denise - this might sound sappy, but wake up every morning and decide it's going to be a good day. F*** the rest. (As my mom used to say, excuse my French.)

  9. oh wow so sorry to hear of all your issues...hopefully newmar will help you with some resolution to the sure have alot on your plate right now...poor Bennie...hope he makes out well at the dentist...good luck sorry about the condo...sure doesn't seem fair...heres hoping 2013 is a much better year for you

  10. Oh my, Denise!! It sounds like everything has gone wrong lately. I'm so sorry!! That's back to the old saying, "when it rains it pours"!! The only thing I can say is that the weather will eventually improve. Hopefully, Newmar will get on the ball and help things improve your way with the coach.

  11. Oh no, I feel your frustration as I read your post. It sucks! Looks like cause for a class action suit on the condo folks too. :-(

  12. Sorry to hear about your problems. Newmar was on my list of companies to look at. Holiday Rambler isn't any better it seems, I hope it works out and they take care of you.

    As for the Condo, I'm not a fan of walking away but if the insurance doesn't cover the difference and the place is basically junk, what else can you do?


  13. Ahhh just thought of it and see that TexCyn did as well, class action suit! Whew the brain cells finally kicked in!


  14. Sassy, sorry to hear yer RV is giving you a hard time. Question? Maybe the door not sliding and the ramp problem can be from the jolt you may have done when you hit the rear area?? Just an idea.....hope things get better real soon!! Have a great Christmas and look after that Little Benny's teeth!!

  15. ouch, ouch. Deep breaths and one day at a time. Easy for me to say, but things do seem to get better eventually. love you Kiddo

  16. Sure know about that 'going into a shell' part. I expend a lot of energy many days just trying to stay out of that shell. Some times there is just no avoiding it, no matter what. Also know what you mean by that VFW place. We pulled an overnighter in there a couple years ago & for sure would never stop in there again. That's just way too many people in too small an area for us. Can't handle that. You are sure having a spate of bad luck with things & it all seems to have come at once. Not the greatest kind of bad luck to have. All the best Denise, & keep plugging.............

  17. Well now. You've got your health, right? That must count for something. Just look on all the little things that need fixing as a "hobby". Other than that, I got nothin'. Sucks about the condo. I've always wondered about those kinds of arrangements. Try not to let it get you down.
    Enjoy that warm sun.

  18. As I read you blog for the first time today, I remembered today's post by a lady who's teachings I follow.......
    There is not a stream of badness and a stream of goodness, or sickness or wellness. There is only a Stream of Well-being. The question that you're wanting to ask yourself is, "In this moment, am I letting it in or not? Am I allowing it or am I not?"

    --- Abraham

    Excerpted from the workshop in Cleveland, OH on Tuesday, July 11th, 2000 # 661

    Our Love,
    Esther (and Abraham and Jerry)

    I agree with you on the VFW but what the heck it is free. As far as the repairs go I have a saying I have lived by for a long time. "Someone put it together, I can take it apart and put it together right" You can do that to if you just set your mind to it. Every second spent worrying about something is a lost second that could have been a productive experience.

    I hope you wake up in the morning believing something wonderful is going to happen... it will

    Gotta say you are tougher than me.Didn't take me long to get enough of the Blogging( Rojo's Ramblings) and just kinda move on.

    I dont read any blog regularly any more spend some time on Facebook but I am going to follow you just to watch things get better because I know they will.

    Red Meador

  19. That's a real nice coach that Mudder has there....looks like a 2011 Monaco Dynasty or newer!! WOW, that's a dream machine for us for sure....congrats to them!!


  20. Hi Sassy,
    Sorry about the string of bad luck.

    The pocket door has to be fully extended(out) to get at the spring mechanism that is secured on the track. Hard part is getting the door to extend. Usually lifting it up you can wiggle it out.

    Regarding the condo, you need to contact an attorney to protect your interest. You may need to bail out of the property and some planning is in order. There should be several different avenues of mortgage recourse with a condemned building. You need to contact a real estate attorney that deals with litigation. This problem does not just go away and nobody has your best interest at heart. You need to take charge of this situation by asking for help. I used to be in the mortgage business(USA) so email me if you have questions. midavisATdlsDOTnet

    Good luck,