Friday, December 28, 2012


Mornings have gotten very cold now and nights as well.  Poor little guy just shivers when he first gets up but he’s a very smart little boy.  He heads straight to the chair where the sun is shining in.



I stopped celebrating (if that’s what you call it) Christmas many years ago.  But Mudder and Jamie came by the VFW with gifts for Bennie.  Mudder really spoiled him this year – I think she got him four gifts…




One down – on to the next one. Bennie does enjoy ripping into the wrapping…




Toys opened now on to the treats !


Mudder even got me a present – but Bennie thinks this one is for him also…


A new mug for my cuppa tea !


It sure feels like I’ve got a lot on my plate right now – and with no end in sight !!  Isn’t bad luck supposed to come in three’s ???  Well I’ve got to be on about TEN right now.

All it really means is that ‘life’ does what ‘life’ does – regardless of whether you’re freezin’ your butt of up North or living in an RV down South.

So when everything seems so overwhelming and there are so many things that need fixing, what do you think I did ??

You’re gonna do what !!?? 

You’re gonna tackle ELECTRICAL STUFF (which I know ZIP about) when you’re in this frame of mind !!

I got a few more LED lights that required WIRING !!  Nope, Not the pop out – pop in kind.  So the red wire with the cap thingie gets pulled out……right ?


And the red wire with the cap thingie from the new bulb goes in its place…..right ??


But were does the other red wire go.    Hmmmm, I seem to remember from last year when I replaced a few of these florescent tubes that it involved CUTTING a white wire.  GULP !!  But which one ??  There are two white wires.


So I pulled off the cover from the one I did last year and followed the two white wires along to determine which one to cut !!  The first fixture took me two days to get up the nerve to cut the wire.  Once I did that (and it worked !!) the remaining two fixtures took about 30 seconds each to do.  Each of these fixtures has two fluorescent tubes – however, the LED tubes are so bright you only need to replace one tube.  And seein’ as they are $40 each I’m sure glad of that.


He’s an old guy now – will be 13 years old in February.  And his teeth are bad – really bad now.  Saw that he had an infection or some kind of abscess on one of his bottom teeth just recently.  Got him to the Vet who put him on anti-biotics right away and said he needed at least two teeth pulled.  That appointment was today.  Turned out he had to have SIX teeth pulled.  He was in there all day.  I won’t even mention what that bill was !!  LOL

He is sooooo NOT a happy camper tonight.




He hasn’t eaten anything yet (naturally) but must be in pain (obviously) as he is moaning a lot.  Breaking my heart.


I have been consumed on the telephone and via e-mail dealing with Newmar trying to badger them into coughing up the cash to fix the RAMP DOOR.  They’ve declined me TWICE now but I’m persistent !  Finally the guy I have been dealing with agreed to pay for 1/2 of the estimate I got.

The other issue that I spoke about in my last post was the Generator.  The Rep from Cummins/ONAN is going to cover the cost to get it fixed – but I have to go to Phoenix as that is the closest Authorized Service Centre for ONAN.

That’s going to involve a six hour round trip and several hundreds of dollars in gas of course.  Appointments are set for next week.

So I’ll be heading to Phoenix early next week and will only be there long enough to get both issues fixed.


Oh there’s more – LOTS more – but enough for one post huh !


  1. Poor Ole Benny-Boy! He'll bounce back though. Quickly too. You've got a lot going on but at least you have plans-of-action for 2 of the problems. That always makes me feel better.

  2. Poor Benny! Duchess even sends a lick his way!! Golly .. you've had more than your share. The good news is you were persistent enough that those folks are chipping to help with the bills. That really is a good thing. We'll probably be moving into Tempe or Scottsdale early next week too.

  3. That poor baby. Give him a big love for me. How long will you be in Phoenix? Time to have lunch or something? Paul's in Mesa.

  4. Bless his heart! I hope he feels better soon.

  5. That poor little boy! Gotta love careful out there

  6. Poor little Benny...hope he feels better soon. Brave person for tackling those lights. Check with Dennis at He has had some success in dealing with Newmar by mailing things directly to the top.

  7. Thanks for that tip! I've saved the Blog and will definitely be checking in with them.

  8. We were having an issue with our 5er's outdoor fridge. The RV manufacture claimed it should not have been in an RV and they didn't want to repair it. However they have installed thousands of the same unit in any of there Trailers that have outdoor kitchens. I wrote a complaint to the Indiana Better Business Bureau. Two days later the Manufacturer called to say they were replacing the entire fridge at no cost to us. The Squeaky Wheel does get the grease.

    Be safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.