Monday, December 10, 2012


It wouldn’t be ME if any job I tackle is simple and easy.  I started to replace some of my lights last year with LED and have added a few more this year.

Got the five little ones that go in the Bathroom Vanity Light Fixture yesterday.  Pull old one out – insert new one – right.  NOPE, That wouldn’t be ME if it were that easy !

The fixture had to come off the wall – look at that tangle of wires.  Oh Me Nerves !


Not only did the fixture have to come off the wall – each individual glass cover had to come off.  I consoled myself by saying it really needed a good cleaning anyways.


One done, five more to go.  Can you see the difference ?


Now it wouldn’t be ME if some little nut or bolt or washer dropped never to be found again.  So after one such nut/bolt/washer did drop – and I had to spend 1/2 hour before I finally did find it WHEW -  I got smart and put a towel in the sink.


While working on replacing these bulbs the fixture kept banging against the mirrored glass.  It wouldn’t be ME if I didn’t end up breaking that .  So I got ‘smart’ again and ‘tried’ to wrap a towel around the fixture, holding the towel to the fixture with a Velcro strap.  That didn’t work so I added clothes pins to keep the towel attached to the fixture.


OK, So that didn’t work either so then I had to hang the towel to the mirrored doors and hold it there with the clothes pins.  After all, It wouldn’t be ME if something actually worked the FIRST time !!


Now at this point I’m sure you are saying “Why didn’t she just take the bloody fixture completely off and work on it leisurely at the table.” I refer you back to the first picture – look at all those wires !!  I was NOT going to tackle that !!

WHAT !!  I’ve got THREE done already and I’ve only been at it for the ENTIRE MORNING !!


Well lookie here – had a ‘guest’ travelling along with me hiding in one of the fixture lens.  Guess he got bored to death !!  LOL


VOILA !  Job done and I now have LED lights in ‘one’ of the bathroom fixtures.


WHEW !  Definitely time for a nap now after that big job.

PFFFFT – And those non-RV’er Folks think this RV’ing stuff is all fun and relaxing and travelling.  The WORK never ends.


  1. Look at the workout you had! Now you know how to do it the right way next time. However, isn't it nice to know you have a job done well?

  2. Don't you just love those LEDs? Your fixture looks really good with the new lights.

    The Palms has all LEDs, and my kind of light fixture was simple, just pull out the old and plug in the new. There has to be an easier way to do yours. I hope someone will chime in with an easier way for your next replacements. That's just too much work, for sure.

  3. Nice work of getting the new LED bulbs installed - without any damage! We changed out some standard 12 volt bulbs for LED's last winter and we really like them. Over time, our 5th wheel light fixtures will be converted to LED

  4. We're slowly converting to LED as we can afford them. They sure work much better and a whole lot cooler than the regular bulbs. But you must admit, these projects make your brain work really hard at being creative and that is a good thing.

  5. This is THE BEST laugh I've had for your expense!! Sassy, yer just too darn funny and the "rig ma role" you go through...but it's fun and well worth it , RIGHT?? There's probably another 50 or more to be done I guess.....................


  6. Looks good! Now come show me how to change mine. we call it the McDaniel bad luck, something always goes wrong. LOL

  7. We have the same light fixtures in our Newmar and were able to change out the bulbs to leds without taking the fixture down... although it is a little awkward,next time try standing on a little stool and you should be able to do it too.

  8. Oh my, Denise..I was getting dizzy after the third picture.