Saturday, December 29, 2012


Yes, The COCOPAH CASINO parking lot is going to be ‘home’ for the next few days until I head to Phoenix.

But priorities first – an update on my little boy.  He’s pitiful and my heart is breaking.  But I am a woooose (when it comes to Bennie) after all.

He’s fine really – he’s eating and pooping so that’s the main thing.  But he’s not drinking any water yet. He’s a little more alert today.  I’m putting hot water in his dry food to soften it up to mush and giving him little bits at a time.

Getting the pain meds and anti-biotics into him is challenging but I’m managing it.

Needless to say he’s being pampered way beyond his normal pampering !  LOL  I stayed two nights in the Vet parking lot.  The first night before his appointment because it was so early in the morning.  And last night because I wasn’t able to get him until after 4:00PM and wanted to stay close just in case he wasn’t well.


Believe it or not, this is my first time doing an over-night in a Casino parking lot.  I guess one hasn’t been conveniently along my travels before.

I was going to stay a few days at the Quechan Casino but once I got onto Google I saw that this one was only 5 miles from the Vet’s.


They have a very large parking lot for RV’ers and all spaces are huge and numbered.  Yes, That’s me off to the far right.


The place is spotless clean and very nicely landscaped.


A short video to give you an idea of the RV area …

Security came by as soon as I pulled in to tell me there is a charge of $5.00 for three nights.  Just go into the gift shop to pay.  Sure can’t complain about that huh !

Naturally, While in the gift shop I found a little trinket.  Ya, Like I need another mug !!  Me Nerves !!



It was also my first time ever being in a Casino !!  WOW !!  I mean I’ve seen them on TV but never in person.  One big shocker I noticed immediately is that smoking is allowed inside !!  It’s been a lot of years since I’ve known of a place where smoking is allowed inside anywhere.  But they must have an excellent ventilation system because you’d never know it.  I didn’t notice any smell and only became aware because I saw someone smoking.


  1. Poor, poor Benny H here and soon he will be better.

    We have stayed at the Cocopah Casino several times and we like it!! However, I've never seen the RV section that empty.

    Where you going to be and how long you staying in the Phoenix area?

  2. I feel so bad for Bennie. But if he's eating and pooping he must be doing okay. Hopefully he'll feel better in a couple of days and then you can relax a little bit. We've stayed at Cocopah Casino and they really do have a nice RV area. We stay at casino's quite often on our journeys.

  3. I hate that Bennie is not feeling well. Can you give him gateraid. It would replace the electrolytes that he needs. Lots of hugs to Bennie. Hope he feels better soon.

  4. Glad to hear Bennie is feeling better as well!! Hopefully he'll be 100% in no and ride safe!! Love the casino parkin loit idea and the price is right.....


  5. Give little Bennie a hug from me. I need to get Archie's teeth cleaned and have been putting it off. I hate for him to be sedated and fret all day until they call, "Come get this dog, he's driving us nuts!" He barks the whole time, last time he was in the hospital, I caught the vet putting her dog in her car 'cause Archie was giving him a nervous breakdown. Since Bennie is eatin' and poopin' he is well on the way to recovery. Maybe a little milk if his tummy is OK?

  6. Lots of pats and ear scratches for Bennie. Hope he feels better soon.

  7. That looks like a nice casino - I love that they let us park free. I've over-nighted in a few, and stayed in Casino Arizona while waiting for my solar panel appointment last year. It was very nice, too. I think they allow five free nights, and more if you ask.

    Poor Bennie - their little sad faces can melt our hearts, for sure. Katie has never had her teeth cleaned. I'm not looking forward to that bill if I end up having to do it.