Monday, November 19, 2012


ERRRR FLIES gone ??  Strangest thing !  The day I arrived here there were MILLIONS of them.  The SWARMING kind.  They were all over the outside of the rig. You couldn’t have the door open a second but they flew into the rig.  My fly swatters worked in overtime !

Did I disturb a nest when I pulled in here ?  Do flies even have nests ??

But they are gone now and have been since the day after I arrived.  I can have the doors open again.  Oh, There are some around but just the normal few.



The other day I was told they stocked the Pond with 2,000 trout.  There are usually a few locals here during the day quietly fishing.  But the day after they stocked the Pond there was at least a dozen of them came to fish.  How did they know ?  Do they have a secret line to the fish stocking people ?  Is there a website that is updated when this is done ?  Did two people tell two people who told two people ?

I don’t mind the locals being here during the day.  They are here to fish and don’t bother anyone.

These guys sure were enjoying fishing and going up and down the Pond in their little boat – or is this called a dingy ??



I was told that we (Snowbirds) can go to the Library, get a card, and then be able to check out books and/or download books etc.  So off I went to do just that.  Well, The Library wanted a piece of identification or even a piece of mail addressed to me with a local address on it in order to get a free library card.  Naturally I didn’t have that.

BUT for a mere $5.00 a Month – or $15.00 for six months – I could get a library card and take out as many books, movies etc. as I wanted.   SIGN ME UP, I said.  I went for the $15.00 for the six months.  Such a deal.

I can now get the books in the J.D. Robb – In Death Series – that I missed.  I got introduced to this Series this past Summer and there are over 30 books in it.  I managed to get most of them online or at a used book store but there were about 4 that I could not get.  Got those now thanks to the Yuma Public Library.  There’s nothing nicer than sitting back in the peace and quiet of the Pond reading.


Had to go fill up my propane tank the other day.  Ain’t NUTTIN’ I can’t do on ‘da bike !!  The tank is well secured and I had no fear that it would fall off and I have done this once before on the bike.  HOWEVER, not from the Pond – with it’s gravel, sandy, slippery, twisty roads !!  I was on high alert and yelled to the guy fishing “Wish me luck !” as I left. 


THANKFULLY, I, the bike and the tank, all came back in one piece.

Speaking of propane, the prices have dropped over last year. This year you can get it for $1.89 a Gallon – Cactus Propane being the cheapest place. Last year I paid $2.31 (and up) a gallon.  ONLY ME though decided to go get the propane on a Sunday and Cactus Propane wasn’t open – I’m sure it will be open seven days a week later on.  So I had to pay $2.26 at Flying J’s – still cheaper than last year !

I filled this BBQ propane tank for $9.74 – yet filling the same tank in Canada over the Summer cost me $24.86 !!!  Why, oh why, is everything in Canada so damn expensive !!

Yes, Walmart provides special parking for us BIKER kind of people.  And notice the DRIVE-THRU Pharmacy !!  Canadian Walmarts could sure learn a thing or two from the Walmarts in the States.





  1. In the U.S. they charge you for the propane you used approximately 4.30 gallons of propane. In Canada you pay a set price for the size of tank you have. You can be darn certain I wait until I'm in the U.S. to fill my 40 lbers. Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  2. When we discovered you can get a non-residence library card in Quartzsite, I checked on Yuma and discovered just what you did. However, a $15.00 fee is a great price. When we get there we will do the same as you.

    Sport stores usually keep up with when the lakes and ponds are stocked with fish and they do post it.

  3. Sounds like u are thoroughly content in your spot by "The Pond"..i would be scared of that propane set-up on the bike!!! :)