Saturday, November 3, 2012


Who would have thought it ??  Time flows, melts and BOOM a day, a week, a year is GONE.  How come, as we get older, time goes by so fast ??

Yes, Two years ago today I pulled out of my Mother’s driveway in my Class C, towing the little trailer that housed my bike.

In that time I’ve put a lot of miles on the Winnebago and now the Newmar.  I’ve also met so many wonderful people.

It’s a great lifestyle – and it is a lifestyle as opposed to just doing the Snowbird thing or ‘camping’.

I haven’t regretted my decision for one second and am so looking forward to the coming year.


  1. Sassy, Congrats on the milestone. I've enjoyed following your travels. You're right, the years go by faster every year.

  2. well happy anniversary to you :)....seems the older we get the faster time does speed by for sure...I now say a year is like a month, a month like a week, a week like a day, a day like an hr and an hr like a minute...remember when you were younger you thought christmas would never come? now it comes faster than the speed of light..

  3. The time is going by so fast because you are enjoying life. Congratulations - two years on the road! Here's to many more! :)

  4. I so agree, the days just seem to disappear on me. We're going to be starting our fifth year soon even though we seem to be sitting in one place forever anymore. I need Jim to get well.

  5. Yep, time flies by sure. For us it is year 7 since we started in 2005. And we are now getting rig #4

  6. Well done. Wishing you many more years of RVing and motorcycling.

  7. Curious what "the pond"is.


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  9. Congratulations! What a wonderful milestone! You are a huge inspiration. Thank you for sharing your travels, and Bennie's, over the past two years. I am so proud and happy for you. :)