Thursday, November 15, 2012


I had settled in quite nicely at Quartzsite and had planned on staying there longer.  There were a number of reasons for my early departure, not the least of which was a 20 degree drop in temperatures overnight.  Brrrrr

Yuma is always the warmest spot plus I wanted to see if I could find someone to fix the RAMP DOORThe bike is also in desperate need of servicing so off to Yuma I went the other day.

Pulled into the VFW just for overnight because I had chores to do before I settled in at the Pond.  ie. Tanks, Water, Laundry etc.

I was a little leery when I first pulled in here.  There were several ‘campers’ here with young children and guys walking around with beer bottles in their hands.  Then I realized it was Sunday and also a long weekend. By the time the evening rolled around they were gone and just us old folks in RV’s left.

While I was setting up I saw flies.  MILLIONS of flies !!  This certainly wasn’t the case last year.  But then again I am here a full month earlier – and it’s still very warm – than last year.

But I ’ve got an APP for that…


So I set up these mosquito coils all around.  Ya, Ya, Ya, I know it says MOSQUITO’S not flies but I figured I’d give it a try.  Sure enough it did deter them enough so that they were not swarming around me when I was sitting outside.  I had to be very conscious of making sure the screen doors were closed at all times.  I’m used to having both doors open all day.

I did leave the back door open and when I went out to the garage at night there were MILLIONS of them on the walls and ceiling.  I swatted quite a few but nowhere near all of them.  They must have found a nice quiet place in the garage to sleep for the night.

The next morning out they came !!  See all those little black dots on the screen….



I’d open the screen and shoooo them out and then close it again.  And every time I went out to the garage I did the same thing until I was seeing less and less.

NOTE:  I wrote the above a few days ago and strangely enough the last two days there have not been any flies !!??  Now I know I swatted a LOT of them but ….?

Another thing I noticed were red ants.  MILLIONS of red ants on the ground.  Another thing that either wasn’t here last year or I never noticed……although me not noticing is very unlikely.

I’ve got an APP for that also !


I sprinkled that stuff all around my site.  Seemed to do the trick.  Will be getting more of that today when I go to Walmart.

It’s all worth it though.  Check out this short video – what do you hear ?

That’s right – NOTHING !!  Absolute peace and quiet.  I love it !!

Here is my humble home now for the next weeks.


And there are three other RV’ers here also.  Come January that side of the Pond will be lined up with motorhomes so I’m enjoying this while I can.


This has got to be my favourite place to be.  And yet it is minutes from anything and everything.

It’s strange though being here without Mudder, Jamie and Brandy – hurry up you guys and get down here !!


  1. Sassy, is the AMDRO safe for Bennie and other animals? Beautiful site. I hope to get to the desert in the winter some day. I've only managed to get there in the heat and I couldn't enjoy it the way others have.

  2. Sassy, you are soooo funny! Love your apps! Get rid of the ants in Arizona before I get there, would you?

  3. Been a strange year for bugs. We've seen more bugs up here this year than we have. I think it's because it's been so much warmer this year. Enjoy your "spot". And try to stay out of trouble.

  4. We noticed quite a few flies and such when we were at the Pond. That was during the daytime too. I figured if they were around during the day, there might be a lot more of them when the sun went down.

    We discovered that Comet worked wonders on ants. If you spread it around your tires, the ants won't cross it. It's cheap and it has worked in the past.

    Miss you!

  5. We always have a habit of leaving our doors wide open as well. Birds fly in, birds fly out:))