Sunday, November 11, 2012



When boondocking in the Winter here in the desert the first thing I do is tilt my solar panels. I have to face my rig EAST – according to Lee – and Lee is a GENIUS when it comes to solar, batteries etc. etc. – in order to get the maximum from my solar with the lower Winter Sun.

However, facing East means I get all the afternoon sun on the passenger side and even with my awning and the screen attachment, it has been far too HOT to sit there. When the temperatures drop over the Winter months we will welcome the afternoon sun’s warmth.

But for now I moved my ‘sitting area’ to the other side of my rig in the shade. Nice !  Bennie approves.06_thumb3

With Barbara and Jeri around you never know when your picture is going to be taken. Here I was, mindin’ my own business, riding back to my site totally not knowing my pic was being taken. Later, Barbara sends me these two pics. I think in the first one I look terrified !! Really I wasn’t. But you sure need to focus and concentrate when riding on these desert gravel areas. It’s like riding on glass.


The hard packed ‘road’ areas are not so bad.  But the washes are very sandy and that’s where you could really lose traction.  Also you have to ride over the rocky areas.  This is like riding on beach rocks !!


On my way back from another outing I see Jeri running out with her camera !!



I had gone out to fill my drinking water bottles.  One in each saddle bag and 4 in the crate thing I have on the back luggage rack.


I’m always relieved when I get to the pavement or have gotten back to my rig in one piece !!  I would prefer to park further into the desert – away from crowds etc. – but I always have to gage how far I would have to ride to get out !!

Then Duchess comes to visit Bennie.  I keep a close eye on them.  Duchess is just a big baby and wants to play.  Bennie, however, has gotten afraid of dogs larger than him since he’s gotten older so he growls and might even make a little snap at the other dog.


Bennie really does want to play but looks very cautiously at Duchess.


Jeri took this pic.  I think it’s awesome !



  1. Oh man. Which side of the rig to sit on? Such tough problems!

  2. Love Bob's comment. I'm glad that everybody is out there taking pictures otherwise we'd never get to see you on the bike. Our girls haven't gotten any nicer with other dogs as they get older either. That last picture is gorgeous.

  3. Really nice photos of you on the Heritage Softail and the desert with your rig. The hot temperatures sure beat the Newfoundland temps at this time of the year!

  4. You're gone!! Now who will we take a picture of .... maybe, just maybe we'll have to find you. Maybe.

  5. Great comment Bob! LOL. Love the pics. I laid my bike (HD Road King) down twice - both times with no injury and minimal bike damage but both times were off pavement camping at Sturgis. Glad you're being careful. Love the pics - especially that last one. Is that a rainbow? Looks like it's touching your rig, a pot of gold indeed. :)

  6. I couldn't even finished reading this post and decided to "give you shit" for riding without a helmet!! Here is a person that wasn't (isn't) that comfortable riding on gravel and here she is now....riding on a dirt road without a lid.....what next?? Shame shame!! Now I feel better, I'lll go back to reading your beautiful blog but will bypass the "no lid pix"!! Still loves ya tho!! LOL!!


    1. I was thinking of the same thing and was going to send her an email after reading the comments to lament her about riding without a helmet. Thanks HB for doing it for me

  7. Well, I read the rest of your entry Sassy and am still of the opinion.....don't ride without a helmet even on a hard packed dirt road!! I don't want anything to happen to that pretty little head of yours...but I still loves ya tho!! Take care and enjoy yourself and ride safe.

  8. Sassy - love the new title photo! Poor Bennie, trying to sleep late.

  9. I love the header photo, just beautiful! I can see a rainbow - Hazel said there was a double rainbow the other day after the rain.

    I moved today to the Rock Art site - pointing west is easier here because it's more level (and there's no ramp right in the middle of the site), and now I even get more TV channels. Yay! Except it's a longer trek to the dumpsters every day. Oh, well, Katie and I need more exercise anyway. :)

  10. I echo the comments you recall on my trip to Alaska I went down and I am here today because of that helmet......its cool to be Canadian ...... the helmet ID's you

  11. Looking at you riding your Harley, I can only see a woman with genuine confidence. It’s really true that age would make you better. Being able to drive a powerful engine is definitely a confidence booster, especially for women. It shows that real power and strength is not determined through gender!