Friday, November 2, 2012


We finally landed in Yuma last Thursday, October 25th and pulled into an RV Park.  I booked it for a week as the daytime highs are still in the 90’s and with three people in the rig we needed the A/C going !

I nagged them enough to put the top down when we left Gila Bend for the short drive to Yuma.  Looking good there Bro and SIL !!


During this trip I learned several things about my Brother that I did not know.  One of them is how SLOW he drives !!  Even driving behind the rig he couldn’t keep up with me – not even in that very powerful, very gorgeous Mustang !!  He was so far back I could not even see him in my mirrors !!

In order to get the next pics I had to slow down and wave to him to pass me.



Meanwhile, Back at the ranch Brudder’s list of chores of things to fix still needed attention.  This is the plastic thing that holds the front curtain back and the screw came completely out of the wall.  Brudder had to use his creativity once again to use something to ensure the screw wouldn’t come out again.


Because of the delay in Avondale, instead of a week in Yuma, Don and Carol only had two days before they had to head to Las Vegas where they had reservations.  First place I took them to was the “the Pond” where I spent a lot of time at last year.  Carol saw this beautiful crane (??) and wanted a pic.


On Friday, I took them to Mexico – Los Algodones which is only about 20 minutes from Yuma - They can now say they’ve been to Mexico !!


A stop for lunch – trying to get a pic of my Brudder is sometimes challenging !




On Saturday I took them to the Flea Market.  There were a number of vendors set up but nothing like it will be in a few weeks.

Sunday morning at 8:00AM they were on the road to Vegas for a few days and now they are driving back to Newfoundland.

And I’ve been recovering ever since – so has Bennie who is exhausted from the heat !!



  1. That's a helluva drive all the way back to the rock, just in time for winter.

  2. It's a beautiful car but the top won't be down much on the drive back. Glad you guys are recovering. It's still going to be warm next week so you might want to think about one more week in the park. Hot is when we're in the upper 90's and 100's. Warm is in the low 90's. Just thought I'd let you know. lol

  3. one heck of a drive ahead of them for sure...hope the weather holds up...looks like you had a great visit..:)

  4. Having that top down could certainly cause a bad sunburn on a bald man. There was a time Terry had to have a mustang convertible. We lived in Texas and Georgia then ... most times too hot for the top down.

    1. LOL - As soon as we stopped he came running to the rig to get his cap !! He did get a burn on his head and ears !!

  5. HaHa!!! that Bennie is so darn cute, he knows how to stay cool!

  6. I love farmer's markets and flea markets!