Friday, November 9, 2012


Barrelling through the desert with lead footed JERI is a HOOT !  I think I’ll start calling her Thelma – or would she be Louise ??


Barbara was showing us some of the amazing ROCK ART she discovered and of course was always aiming her camera.


But all is not wine and roses.  Seems like there is ALWAYS something that breaks and needs to be fixed.

I was in the garage the other day and noticed the ramp door was protruding UP.  Hmmmmm


When I went outside to investigate this is what I saw.  OUCH !  Not good !


I mentioned it to Terry and we proceeded to try and do a temporary fix so that no further damage would be done.


Several additional screws later and it’s held back in place so that the crack doesn’t go all the way across the painted exterior surface of the ramp door – the part I just had repaired and re-painted last Spring while in Barrie, ON due to the DITCH ACCIDENT.


We could not get it completely back in place and it is still protruding out but will suffice for now.

I contacted Newmar immediately and naturally this is no longer under warranty AND the closest Newmar Service Centre is in Phoenix – a mere 129 miles (2+ hours drive) from where I am == NOT GOING TO HAPPEN !

After Newmar told me the part was no longer under Warranty they did say “the only assistance that we are going to be able to offer is the replacement hinge at a reduced cost of $640.21.”  Reduced cost !!?? It’s a frikkin’ HINGE !!!  Not a piece of GOLD !  $640.21 – plus tax no doubt – plus shipping no doubt – plus labour to install etc. etc.


I will be posting my newest dilemma on one of the RV Websites where there is a wealth of knowledge.  I’m sure someone there will direct me to a place where I can get this GOLD HINGE (LOL) at a much cheaper price and have it fixed somewhere in Yuma.

Failing that, I will wait until the Spring when I go back to B.C.  I’m sure Kevin, who found a solution for me for CLOSING THE RAMP DOOR and made those great EXTENDED RAMPS for me, will definitely come up with a much cheaper and much more secure solution.


  1. If I'm correct those hinges are made of Aluminium so no rust will be leaking down the rear of the rig and keep the weight down on. Somebody thats Mechanically inclined can fix it for under a hundred dollars. Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  2. That's unbelievable! Wow - why is everything so expensive??? I hope Rick and Kathy R. are correct, and that it's a much cheaper fix.

    Thanks for the link to the beautiful Rock Art Garden. I still think you should have that site. :)

  3. I must say I'm quite surprised about all the small and bigger problems you have experienced with your rig, as I always thought that the NEWMAR brand was kind of a Mercedes among the motor homes. We have had our fair share of problems with all earlier rigs and it seems to me that regardless how much you pay for a rig you are having similar amounts of problems. The pricing for the hinge is OUTRAGEOUS. Hope you get it fixed at a lower cost. I would post about it at
    I did that once and the manufacturer called me and asked "what can we do to help you out? That was after 5000 people had seen my post within 3 days! You know you might get a similar phone call.

    1. Peter, I certainly agree - but I think the Canyon Star Toy Hauler is the 'poor cousin' to the Newmar line. LOL

      When I was looking at the Thor Outlaw (another Class A Toy Hauler) the hinge around the ramp door fell completely off as the Dealer was closing the door !! And that was a brand new one right on the dealer lot.

      I will definitely be posting it on the RV Forums and escalating this further with Newmar.

  4. A $40+ hinge - holy cow. That is just nuts. Sure glad Terry was there to help keep it from cracking further. That picture of you two in the JAG is great. Love it.

  5. What? Lead footed?? It's amazing that all these little parts are so very expensive. I guess they charge what they figure they can get. I do bet though that someplace down the road, you'll find someone that will be able to fix it for so much less. At least that's what we hope.

  6. Oh dear. That price is just outrageous!!!