Wednesday, November 28, 2012


Just a further note regarding yesterday’s fire at The Hitch House.  I was thinking this morning that this could have happened while my rig was in there being repaired.  Of course the Company’s Insurance would have covered the replacement of my rig –  BUT the rig is my HOME now and everything I have is in it.  And of course some things simply cannot be replaced.  OK, Enough about that – don’t want to go there.

Oh my poor Bennie !  He was so filthy and with boondocking I sure couldn’t afford to use up that much water to give him a bath.  And with all the dust and the sand, well it isn’t possible to keep a WHITE dog clean !!!

This is one of the rare occasions where he is actually laying on his blanket.


I finally got around to taking him to the Groomers the other day.  He’s now back to being my handsome, gorgeous little boy – for awhile anyways.

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Bennie came out of the Groomers sporting a spiffy new neck scarf….


While sitting outside waiting for Bennie, having my lunch, I glanced across the parking lot to admire the colourful shrubs and trees…


Had to remind myself it was the end of November !!

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  1. Bennie looks great! Of course he was cute when he was dirty too. That face cant look anything but good!

  2. What a top dog he is! Now let's see if you can keep him out of the dirt ...

  3. He's such a cutie pie. Love you and miss you Bennie.

  4. How can you be shy of water for a wash.....are you not on a LAKE

  5. Bennie looks very handsome, isn't it cute how they just know it? They must feel really good after a grooming, just like we do.

    I wondered, like Bob, why you don't just dunk him in the lake, ruffle his fur a bit, and dunk him again? If you dry him off and leave him inside to dry, or use a hair dryer, he'd be as good as new.

    OR... could you take him into the shower with you? I know lots of people do that with their kids when they are too small to take their own showers. Just shampoo, rinse and wrap him in a towel outside the shower while you are finishing yours.

    I have an outside shower and have bathed Katie with it a couple of times. It has hot and cold water, so I can give her a warm shower if she has rolled in something "interesting and stinky" and I don't want her inside until she is clean. Works like a charm and she doesn't mind much. :)

    1. I don't trust the water in the pond for anything other than using it for cleaning etc. Last year the first time we were here Jamie decided to jump in for a swim. He was itchy like crazy for days. Don't want that for my little Bennie.

  6. Bennie is so handsome. Really enjoyed looking at his pictures. I also enjoy your blog. I admire you but I worry about you ridding a bike. I recently fell (just tripped) and knocked my shoulder out of place. It really hurt. Guess we just have to deal. Barbara

  7. Happy Birthday to my friend Denise...hope you have a fantastic day!!