Wednesday, November 7, 2012


And it’s HOT HOT HOT.  Ya, Ya, Ya SANDIE you say it’s just “warm” now.  LOL  But for this Canadian gal when it gets into the 90’s as the day-time high that’s HOT.

The evenings are absolutely gorgeous though and the early mornings are even a little cool.

Putting up my solar panels and Jeri is NEVER without her camera !  LOL  Have I mentioned how much I LOVE my solar panels !  Since I got solar installed last year, I have not had to use my generator to charge my batteries – not even once.


Jeri and Terry arrive.


Showing the ‘proper’ spacing between rigs.  No need to be on top of one another here.  Lots of space.


Terry admiring his new (to him) JAG.


That’s Barbara’s rig in the distance.


Took this pic while up on the roof.  Jeri and Terry (and of course Duchess) visiting with Barbara.


Jeri comes to take me for a spin in the JAG.  I sooooo want one of those.  Jeri has a bit of a ‘lead foot’ when driving – which I love !!  LOL  We barrelled around the desert looking at all the different rigs and their set-ups.


One day a hummingbird flew into my rig.  OMG the poor little thing didn’t know how to get out.  I freaked !


But Barbara quickly comes to the rescue.


We thought perhaps he had hurt himself when he flew in.  I was heart broken.  But thankfully he wasn’t and he flew away.


These two short videos show the vastness of the desert……..for those of you who have not been here before.  And this is just one section of the LTVA (Long Term Visitors Area) called La Posa South.  There’s La Posa North, La Posa West, Hi Jolly, Polomosa Road……to name a few.


  1. I like the "rig spacing". I suppose the only conundrum is trying to decide which way you want the rig to face. Morning sun, afternoon?
    Must be tough!

  2. It has been quite warm. Hot might be a good word to describe it. Spacing is everything .. isn't it? It's not so far to walk back and forth to visit. Love the neighbors here. Please note some of those photos will soon be showing up elsewhere.

  3. Okay, okay. You're getting your wish this week-end. Definitely more your type of temperature. Personally, I want the temps in the low to mid 80's. That's about perfect and we really haven't had a whole lot of those. We're going from hot to cold. You definitely have the kind of neighbors we like too.

  4. hold on to your hat. Wind is picking up here.