Sunday, October 14, 2012


This is what mornings are like…………


See my precious Bennie cuddled up on the bed.

I’m up at least AN HOUR before Bro and SIL.  Bennie wants up also but then when he realizes there’re really no excitement on the go he wants to get in bed with them.  He was very content this morning until Carol started to stretch and disturbed him.  It has become a daily routine now.


The other night when we pulled into Wally’s I eyed a dandy spot right at the back of the parking lot and tucked nicely into a corner and directed Don to pull in there.  He wasn’t  in close enough (for my liking) so I asked him to pull in closer to the curb.

WELL we heard the scratching and I went out to have a look.  The trees looked innocent enough with just smaller leafy leaves so I thought the rig was ok………..until I went out to look.

There were several branches partially broken off leaving sharp ends – one larger one in particular.  When I went outside to look it had created a scratch from one end of the rig to the other.

When I originally bought this rig there were quite a number of scratches on it – although not overly noticeable - the previous Owner did not take good care of it.  I had the Dealership buff the worst of them out.  And of course over the last year I’ve added a few of my own.  ‘Tis the life of an RV’er as far as I’m concerned.

But Don was ROTTED !!  Newfie term for being pissed off !  Although he was driving he was not to blame one bit !  I was the one watching and instructing him to move in closer and I know, had I been driving, I would have pulled in exactly the same way.

First thing the next morning he had the ladder out trying to buff out the worst of the big scratch.


By the time he was finished the worst scratch was barely noticeable and the others were gone completely.



Carol knows that I watch TV via my computer.  She was wondering if I could get “her show” via the computer.  Her show is The Young and The Restless – insert GAGGGG here !!  LOL

So I showed her how to do it and now she sits back while driving and is catching up on the shows she’s missed.


We are in Jackson, TN tonight – already more than 1/2 way there and it was sooooo warm last night.  Don’t even want to think about how HOT it’s going to be in Arizona this early !!


  1. Denise, the weather is going to be nasty today Sunday, so stay low, hold the hatches down. and be sure to check the local news stations for their radar. Stay safe....Skeet aka Karen (Nashville)

    1. Thanks Karen !! I'll be keeping a close eye and if/when it gets bad we will simply pull over somewhere.

  2. FIRST time I pulled into my driveway, the Joshua tree I thought I cleared killed my fridge vent. Grrrrr!

    Welcome back to the USA. The temps in NW AZ couldn't be more perfect!

  3. What a great attitude about the scratch! You are right though that it is live in an RV. It's going to happen. I bet your brother felt so bad.

  4. What?? You mean we're not supposed to have those scratches on our rigs? Gee. Guess we need to do something about them. lol Depends on where in AZ you're going to end up. Nice up in the mountains, how down here in the valley. Back into the 90's. Terrible storms blowing through your area so be safe.

  5. Absolutely great attitude about scratches. Eldy freaks out when we get them. You just can't foresee every single situation and catch it in time. I've been the guilty one of directing him in too close, or not stopping him soon enough to avoid scratching bushes in tight sites. A good buffer and polishing cream has muted most of them. :-) but he still freaks out and the coach is two years old!

  6. Boy, u guys have already gone a long ways towards getting where u are going!!!!

  7. Knowing your usual travel pattern I am quite amze as to how far you have traveled in a few days. ARE YOU IN A HURRY? Haven't seen any mention of visiting Harley outfits either. What's going on???

  8. We just got home from our trip across TN. Weather looks fine tonight. Enjoy crossing Arkansas.

  9. Love the photo's Denise - that Bennie - he will sleep with anyone!

  10. Bummer about the scratches, but how great that he could buff them out. Your rig is so nice, I would have felt bad, too.

    You are really moving along. You'll be in AZ before you know it. I might be there next week, too. Just depends, you know? :)

    Sounds like you are having a nice trip.