Wednesday, October 24, 2012


My Brother BARRELLED us across North America in order to reach our (HIS !!) ‘destination’ in HIS allotted time frame……
Then HE sees a gorgeous MUSTANG CONVERTIBLE………….
And now WE all have to wait here in Avondale while the paper work is being done, money transferred etc. etc.
AND it’s hotter than hell------------
While driving down the street where the dealership was located we took on an extra passenger….
This is our THIRD night at Wally’s and we’re making the best of it.  Being a weekend has delayed the sale transaction and hopefully tomorrow things will get moving and we’ll do the last leg of our trip – YUMA !!  My friends from B.C. are already there at Imperial Dam.
Good thing I’m such a wonderful, flexible, adaptable, patient, helpful, loving Sister !!  We’ve been here since last Friday, October 19th – that’s FIVE DAYS !!
The biggest challenge in the last five days was trying to keep my Brother busy so he wouldn’t drive Carol and I totally out of our minds !!!
We checked out the roof due to taking on that extra passenger above and found a broken antenna….
Yes, The black rubber antenna part was still actually laying on the roof – not where it is in the picture – but the part that connects it is somewhere on the streets of Avondale.
We checked the oil level in the generator and found it to be low so topped that off.
Someone pointed out to us that we had a headlight gone so Don got the replacement one in Wally’s – after all Wally has been VERY gracious in hosting us for 5 days now !!  Turns out it wasn’t the bulb at all but a loose connection which Don located and promptly secured – never to come loose again !!
Then we sent HIMSELF outside to clean the windows……..
He actually creates work for himself (I think) by washing the window first with soap and water and then cleaning the whole windshield again with Windex ??
Carol is like someone on steroids !!!!  Lordy Lordy Lordy, How much energy does she have !!  She has been preparing our meals (yes, THREE meals a day !!) and most of the time even cleaning up afterwards – I’m not fast enough to the sink.
Yesterday, She cleaned the bathroom floor to ceiling and then washed the living area floor !
She did finally relax one day for about an hour and watched a bit of TV….
We had to pull out one day to do the tanks, get propane etc. etc.  Here is my Brother watching the process and asking a million questions !!
As Bennie looks on…
There are just no amount of words to describe my Brother.  Relaxed would NOT be one of them !  LOL  He’s always out walking around because he cannot relax and therefore gets restless.  On his walks he discovers things left in shopping carts !!
His first haul was those three cans on the right.  Second haul was that stuff on the left.  And yesterday was that tube of toothpaste in the middle.  We see him strolling back to the rig with this big smirk on his face.
Today is supposed to be the big day where they take possession of their SMOKIN’ RED MUSTANG CONVERTIBLE.  Wire transfers are in, insurance dealt with etc. etc. etc.
We are all looking forward to finally reaching Yuma.


  1. Can we borrow your brother before he heads back to Canada?

  2. I got tired just reading about your brother and SIL! But how nice that they are right in there, helping, fixing, cooking, cleaning, etc. Certainly not loafers!

    I'm here in Q, La Posa South right near where you guys were last hear. Come see me!

    I LOVED Imperial Dam LTVA at the Quail Hill campground. That whole area has the wild burros - I hope you guys get to see them. Take pictures, just in case I don't get there. :)

  3. Hope you get to Yuma today. Wally World is wonderful but not the greatest place to have to spend five days. But that car is yummy.

  4. You can rent out DB and SIL when you get to your destination and get enough to pay for all your fuel and maybe theirs too for the trip home. lol

  5. Aren't you gonna miss them when they're gone? Benny's looking beautiful. I hope he's getting enough attention.

  6. Not to be negative, but you're breaking the Walmart "boondocking rules" by putting out your slides and setting out camping chairs! Walmart overniters should be "parking" only, not "camping"! Just wanted to let you know the rules so the rest of us can continue to stop at Walmart for the occasional overnite stay. Have fun!

  7. We too have found stuff in Wally carts. A bonus to free overnighting.

  8. yippee. see u soon. went to yuma today to get a dolly at home depot. let us know when u get there.