Friday, October 12, 2012

SO FAR…………

We’ve been on the road one week today and so far all is going well – very well in my opinion.  We’ve stayed out of ditches and nobody has been killed !!

Day ONE Don delayed us by a full day !  Can you even imagine that !!?  We arrived in Stephenville – that was 482 Miles/776KMS driving – and Carol’s Brother (Chris) told Don he was “going in ‘da woods” the following day.  Now for you ‘city folks’ that means he was going in to cut and haul out wood for his wood burning stove.

My Brother is a very SICK man ‘cause he LOVES going in the woods – yes, even more so than relaxing and vacationing in Florida or any other wonderful warm climate !!  He called me aside to ‘discuss’ the fact that he felt he should stay in Stephenville the following day to ‘help’ Chris. 

Ya right !!  He was almost drooling over the thoughts of the pleasure HE would experience by going in the woods.  Oh My, Where did my Mother go wrong raising him !

Another day we were ‘delayed’ due to me getting my US Internet connection.  Before I go further let me qualify ‘delayed’.  This is my Brother’s  definition of things.  If we are not on the road driving 10 hours a day we are ‘delayed’.  Me ??  I don’t give a crap.  I have all Winter.  Don’t matter to me if we don’t reach Arizona until December – which it probably would be if it were just me driving !  LOL

In previous years I have been using the Verizon USB ‘Stick’ (3G) for my Internet access and it has worked out very well.  If I remember correctly, there has only been one place that I couldn’t get a connection.  And for those of you that know me, I HAVE TO HAVE my Internet !

Just before I left, I get an e-mail from Verizon about their new 4G Jetpack MiFi.  I stopped at a Verizon store in Maine to check it out to make sure it gave me all the features (at a minimum) as the Stick I was using – and the most important thing – no contract.

It did, PLUS (where 4G is available) it is much faster and the main bonus feature of this is that up to 5 computers can be on it at the same time !  Pay attention here LMJ !!  Another great feature of this is that for $90 a month I have 10GB’s of data I can use.  The old one was $80 for 5 GB’s. And as I like to watch TV via my computer, this also works out even better for me.

So Carol and I can sit back (while HIMSELF) is driving and do whatever we want on our computers.  Gotta love that !
Back to the ‘delay’ – they had problems getting everything installed and working properly – two hours later we were on our way.

While driving, Sister In Law (Carol) has gone from this:
To this:
Too this:
To this:
To this:
So you can see she is quite relaxed !

Brother (Don) has gone from this (looking a little tense I think):
To this:
To this:
So it would appear he’s quite relaxed as well !!

But all is not relaxing – gotta keep the boy working and earning his keep !!
Same goes with SIL – who prepares a fabulous breakfast – lunches AND dinners EVERY day !!  This gal ain’t complaining about that for sure !!!
Of course, there is always some minor glitch.  The shower doors came off their track and once I took everything apart – why is it that things always have to come completely apart in order to fix them ???? – I see that one of those little wheel thingies that holds the door in the track is missing.
We’ll be stopping at Camping World very shortly where hopefully I’ll be able to get a replacement.  If I can’t I’m not really sure where else to try ??

So that’s my update for today.


  1. Try Home Depot or Lowe's. Should just be a hardware part. 10 hours a day on the road....why? You need to relax them into the RVers 4 or 5 hours a day on the road.

    1. Thanks for the tip. I will for sure try there.

      When I'm driving if I get 3 hours in a day that's enough for me - and that's with a break in between ! LOL

  2. So nice that you and Bennie have some company. Especially people who cook and clean!

  3. Looks like you've picked up two future fulltimers. You may not get rid of them. :~)

  4. 10 hours!! Can't even imagine that. I would be a wreck. Jim agrees with longdog2 - go to Lowes or Home Depot. So you should be here in AZ by next week at the rate you're going. lol

  5. Good to see a picture of Bennie,seems like he is not getting his fair share of pictures.

  6. i'm listening. leaving tomorrow. hopefully will be there b4

  7. Hi D.....good to see you back on the road and with family....will be following your adventures

  8. Hi D.....good to see you back on the road and with family....will be following your adventures