Thursday, October 4, 2012


I’m absolutely beside myself – I am so anxious to get on the road.

Timing is perfect as the weather has just now turned cool.

It’s raining, cold and just plain miserable here tonight.

Arizona here I come !!

And as always, my Executive Assistant is very efficient and has my Header updated reflecting the distance I have to travel.  That’s a LOT of driving !!

p.s.  The damn blind is still not fixed !!  LOL  Oh well, I’ll get to that later.


  1. Sure looks like you have alot of driving ahead of you---it will be nice to have company.

    Have a good sail from the rock---& happy trails.

    Take care, will be looking forward to your blogs to see all the fun things you get upto!!!!

    Lynn. Sunny Vancouver, BC.

  2. I too have one more sleep and we go to Pigeon Forge, Tn. I am so excited I don't know if I will sleep at all tonight. Look forward to watching you and Bennie cross the country. Be careful

  3. Leaving in the morning? I hope you get some sleep tonight! That's a REALLY long drive - you must love Arizona.

    Have a nice drive - you'll love the weather on the west US coast. It's been in the 70's in Northern New Mexico. Looking forward to your next post! :)

  4. See you in Arizona. Take it slow and enjoy yourself on the road. It's still HOT in Arizona.

  5. Oy. That's a long blue line there. But hey, it'll be fun.
    No more ditch adventures, OK?

    Maybe give up on the blind and order some MCD shades when you get down to the States?
    Just an idea.

    Try to sleep. You'll need it.

  6. On the road again..... hey, you, Don and Carol will have to have a sing-along - check out one of dad's favorites :)