Friday, October 5, 2012


Yes, It’s actually true !  We’re about 2 hours driving now with my Brother at the wheel !


SIL (Carol) sitting back on the couch – not quite comfortable yet…


Brother very serious as he acquaints myself with how the RV handles…


Didn’t take long (1/2 hour max) before Carol is laying back relaxing.  She’s now got her coat off and is doing her knitting.


Me?  I’m in the passenger seat – GASP ! – doing my jigsaw puzzle on the computer.



  1. Bennie must be feeling dejected not having the co-pilot seat. Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  2. It's weird sitting in the passenger seat, ain't it?

  3. Yipee! Kind of nice to have your brother and SIL along. I was surprised you weren't driving, though. I guess you must really trust his driving, and it allows you to relax (if you can) in the passenger seat. But where is Bennie? Hope you didn't forget him.

    This week someone loaded up their rig and left their poodle, who was tied up in the campsite. It was later in the day that they realized they didn't have the dog and they called the park. The park employee already had the dog in her truck, poor little pooch. The owners had to drive all the way back for the dog. I guess that adds one more thing to their "check off list!"

    I know you'd never leave Bennie. :)

  4. That's one way of taking care of that hitch itch ... getting on the road again

  5. Happy to see you back on the road, I really enjoy following along on your travels. Have Fun

  6. Hey Denise, sit back and relax! You have a first class 2nd mate at the wheel! Hi Don and Carol! Don't take any of D's attitude - two against one! So tell me - was Carol able to cook up a turkey dinner for Thanksgiving while you were driving? She is one multi-talented SIL!

    I knew Johnny on the dump truck and now I know Donnie on the Hulk! Take care and drive safe

  7. Sassy, it's nice to see you on the road again!! I will again have more things to read, thanks to your travels!! I just noticed your last e-mail to me regarding the RV of a couople of months ago.....the guy tried to get an extra bag of money from me....he was asking more than what was on the listing!! I'll keep in touch ....AND SAFE TRAVELS!!


  8. I just noticed your route back up through northern New York State, why not go south of Maine and thru Pa, and cut across West Virginia and Louisanna....just sayin!! Save the big mountains and mileage.