Thursday, October 25, 2012


We sure were getting sick of hanging around at Wallys !  Yesterday the final piece of paperwork got finalized and we were scheduled to go to the Dealership in the afternoon.

So why waste all morning huh ?  Gotta get that Brother of mine to do more work !!  The last few days I’ve been getting an awful smell from the sink.  Really BAD !  Smelled like fish to me.  Carol had cooked some fish a few days prior and I thought perhaps some of it has accidentally gone down the sink and got caught in the trap part.

I tried flushing the sink out with boiling water but that didn’t help at all.  Don said we had to take it apart. I always worry when things have to be taken completely apart.  LOL


Boy Oh Boy Oh Boy -  What a smell when this part was opened.


I made the mistake of putting my nose right to it.  No doubt that’s where the smell was coming from but we still don’t know why.  There was nothing caught in there.


Every job in an RV seems to require taking everything apart and creating a mess !!


With all parts off he went out and gave everything a very thorough cleaning.


Once everything was back in place I gave the sink a good cleaning and so far no smell.  Another job done !

The reward at the end of all of that was they got to drive their new (to them) 2002 Red Mustang Convertible out of the lot !


But I gotta tell you Folks – my Brother and his wife are WEIRD !!  Here we are in Arizona on an absolutely beautiful warm day – knowing we are only going as far as Gila Bend (one hour) and they didn’t want to put the top down !!??  It’s a frikkiin’ convertible !!  No, There’s just no figuring out some people !

But you got to admit – they do look happy behind the wheel.


We didn’t get out of the dealership until after 5:00PM so decided to drive only as far as Gila Bend.  Anywhere but Wally’s in Avondale !!  LOL

We will do the last two hour drive today to Yuma.


  1. You let your brother drive your home, is he going to let you drive his new toy? Glad you finally got out of Wally's parking lot. And by the way, it is not HOT. This is perfect

  2. Men and their toys! Terry had to have a mustang convertible too. The top didn't come down often the longer he had it. The Texas sunshine got too hot. Tell your brother to enjoy his new toy.

  3. I'm glad you're FREE - finally! Let the winter begin! :)

  4. Hm. Mental note. Careful what I *flush* down the sink drain.

  5. Pretty car! I suppose they will drive it back home? Sweet!

  6. Our best geetings to YUMA! Will be there in a coupla weeks ourselves!
    Nice car brother got. Must be happy now!