Sunday, September 23, 2012


Let me preface this post by saying that our little Province is not used to experiencing hurricanes and therefore we felt this was a BIG one. 
We fully realize that it was nothing when compared to the devastation experienced by our friends in the Southern parts of the United States.
Yes, She hit – and she hit hard.  Minimal rain (thankfully) but very high winds.
In my area we lost power from about 9:00AM on the morning of the storm – until about 5:00PM the following day……about 32 hours. 
Folks here were worried about the hundreds of dollars worth of food they had in their deep freezers and the sounds of generators was heard everywhere.
My own personal damage was my gorgeous motorcycle thanks to my own STUPIDITY !!!  You see, when it’s windy, the cover I have for the bike blows off.  So knowing we were expecting very high winds, I secured the cover by tying it underneath the bike.
This, of course, just created a balloon effect once the wind got under it.  Ain’t hindsight a wonderful thing !!
And down she went.
Again, thankfully, minimal damage.  The cover is torn is several places so I will have to get a new one.  And the right lever got bent but is still functional.  The right lever, for my non-biker friends, is used to apply the front brake.
‘DA HULK came in handy though during the power outage.  Being fully self-contained I scoff at power !!  PFFFTTTTT !!
We (meaning me Mudder) cooked up a fine breakfast for my Brother, Wife, Mom and Me.
My Sister needed the services of my iron.  Who knew I even had an iron !!!  LOL Crank up the gennie and we can use the iron.
The following are a few pics I got off the Internet.

leslie 01
leslie 02
leslie 03
The next pic is my personal favourite – guy was actually building this shed to house his corvette.
leslie 04
leslie 05
The calm after the storm……


  1. So glad you weren't damaged. It looks like a terrible storm!!

  2. Whoa! Glad you guys are OK. And that the Harley sustained minimal damage. Whew!

  3. Glad you, Bennie and family are safe and that your personal damage was minimal!

  4. Glad to hear you are all okay and have minimal damage but am wondering why you didn't put the Harley in the toyhauler?

    1. Oh, That old hindsight is a wonderful thing !! LOL Didn't even need to go through the extra work of putting the bike in the toyhauler when my Mother has a big, EMPTY garage directly behind where the rig is parked !! Never even occurred to me to put it in there.

  5. OMG, that must have been pretty scarey! I'm glad the damage wasn't worse and hope the motorcycle can be easily fixed.

    I was just talking to my son yesterday about how nice it is to have my own rolling powerhouse. Having the power out for so long - that's a good reason to keep the fuel tank pretty full. In San Diego they had an extended power outage a while back and Tom was lucky to have a full tank to get home from work. He said the gas stations he passed were parking lots with cars that needed gas but couldn't get it since the pumps work on electricity. I guess they didn't have enough gas to get home from work. Bummer.

    1. Barbara, Barely even needed to use the generator. LOVE the solar power !! Thinking of adding to it this year.

  6. I was wondering the same thing as Longdog2, why didnt you put the motorcycle in the toy hauler? If this is a sore subject with you, I take back the question. Glad you and Bennie are ok.

  7. Any time I see a bike on its side, I just cringe. Doesn't even have to be a motorcycle. Bicycles seem to have a similar effect. At least you had negligible damage. Hopefully.
    No damage to your RV though, so that's always a good thing, yes?

  8. MY dear Denise, you been lucky to get away from this with a few scratches. Sure should have put it inside, that beautiful bike of yours.